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18+ Drama mp3

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18+ return with their ‘Drama Remixes’, a collaboration with artists they respect and admire, with a purpose to reinvent Drama, the lead track taken from their second album ‘Collect.’

Hyperdub’s Dean Blunt, a category-rejecting artist and an art-pop provocateur tackles ‘Drama’ under his Babyfather guise, looping a low slung swagger beat under the vocals of DJ Escrow and Samia Mirza.

Long-time 18+ producer ally ‘C Powers’ takes Drama to the dancefloor with drums, percussive loops and stuttering snares. Powers produced the single 'Crow' for 18+ (from their album Trust) as well as songs on current album ‘Collect’.

Finally Turkish producer Sami Baha, a recent signing to the impeccable Planet Mu roster switches the vocals up a notch whilst reigning in the bpm. Mastered by Matt Colton.