18+ FORE mp3

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18+ have released a new mixtape, just in time for Valentine's Day 2016. Titled 'Fore', it's their fourth mixtape, and their first since MIXTAP3 back in 2013 (though they did of course release their debut album 'Trust' since then!). In a typically cryptic post, the band revealed that this mixtape is just a little foreplay before they drop their new album in May. So not long to wait! (We've heard it, and trust us, it's great!)


  1. Interstellar (A Job, Set The Table)
  2. Fiction (Fiction, Death Caught On Camera)
  3. Kihosho (Going Up To My Room, W/ Juice)
  4. Pain Sport (May You Forever Trigger Seizure)
  5. Piano In The Snow (Null)
  6. Sour (Very Sour)
  7. Headinmyway (Drone)
  8. Trippin (This Long Trip)
  9. Paint (A Warm Splash, Still Cold Tho)
  10. Mama (Another Echo Chamber)
  11. Love Was Like (Party W/ Pauses)
  12. Chems (Use To Move Through You)
  13. Fire (Check This Out)
  14. Glass (Silent Mode)
  15. Outro (Always Tired, Rewind Me)