fabric presents Amelie Lens

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Techno phenomenon Amelie Lens has been DJing since she was 18 and just five years into her professional career, Lens is of one of the world’s most celebrated DJs. She’s headlined Sónar in Barcelona, Time Warp in Mannheim, Germany, Movement in Detroit, Awakenings in Amsterdam, EXIT in Serbia, Kappa Futur Festival in Turin, Italy and SONUS Festival in Croatia. Recently Lens was also a regular in Ibiza at two of the island’s hottest parties - Circoloco at DC-10 and Afterlife at Hï Ibiza. Amidst her jam-packed touring schedule Lens also finds the time to run her hugely popular Exhale party series and her own record label, Lenske, as well as interact with the hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans who shower her with love at gigs and on social media.
"fabric has a special place in my heart. It is one of the few places I play all-nighters and it was the first international stop for my Exhale nights. To be a part of the legendary fabric mix series is a really big honour for me."

While Lens is known for her full throttle DJ sets, her fabric presents is a more nuanced affair that showcases the full spectrum of techno. Lens masterfully builds the set, opening with atmospheric snippets from the likes of SLV & Z.I.P.P.O, Pär Grindvik and Michael Klein. The next few tracks are given more space to breathe and unfurl as the mix gets harder, with Beirut’s Nur Jaber providing an early standout, “Rave With Me”, before Lens’ own “Solitude Tool”, a haunting echo chamber, is expertly deployed to introduce the hi-energy synths of Anetha’s “Nikita” and Irregular Synth’s “Mutation.” Lenske heavy hitters Milo Spykers, AIROD and Farrago provide pummeling contributions “Look Ahead”, “Liquor” and “Ensnare”, respectively, before Lenske favourite Regal pairs up with Alignment for the psychedelic techno trip “Astro”. It leads into Hadone’s “Courtship unleashed”, bringing the mix to a spectral, deeply satisfying close.

* these tracks are available on 2 x gatefold vinyl
Customers who buy vinyl receive wavs of the tracks on release day - 22nd November 2019


Note: digital products on this page are the mixed tracks - and when played in sequence form the continuous mix.


  1. SLV & Z.I.P.P.O - Theory Of Relativity*
  2. Pär Grindvik - Isle of Real (Colombia M.I.L.Y 2019)*
  3. Michael Klein - Boiling*
  4. Flug - ADSR*
  5. Nur Jaber - Rave With Me*
  6. Setaoc Mass - Thin Blue Line
  7. MSKD - Savage Earth
  8. Amelie Lens - Solitude Tool*
  9. Anetha - Nikita*
  10. Irregular Synth - Mutation
  11. Milo Spykers - Look Ahead*
  12. AIROD - Liquor*
  13. Blicz & Geerson - Eleven Roses*
  14. Ahl Iver - Cry For Redemption*
  15. Lukas Firtzer - Praise The Night
  16. Farrago - Ensnare
  17. Glaskin - Reaktor Rave*
  18. Regal & Alignment - Astro*
  19. Hadone - Courtship unleashed*