Call Super - Arpo

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Following his acclaimed debut album Suzi Ecto, Call Super returns with LP number two, the equally arresting Arpo. Another mesmerising environment of restless beauty that refuses to conform to much else beyond his own work, it affirms Call Super's place as one of the most remarkable electronic musicians working today.


Accompanying the 7" single, 200 out of the '300 Cuts' cover art project are up for sale. Each edition is a one of a kind, handmade, original artwork by Call Super himself and consists of a 7” record in an ink drawn sleeve. This 7" is the precursor to ‘Arpo’, the second album by Call Super - Out on the 10th November.


  1. Arpo
  2. Korals
  3. OK Werkmeister
  4. Music Stand
  5. Any Pill
  6. Arpo Sunk
  7. Ekko Ink
  8. No Wonder We Go Under
  9. I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror
  10. Trokel
  11. Out To Rust
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