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Second Storey - Bismuth WAV

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Second Storey returns to Houndstooth a year since the release of his One Sound / Layer Lock EP with a gleaming new release, Bismuth.

Opening track Bismuth takes inspiration from a documentary on the visually impressive metal of the same name. Affected by its angular, complex 3D elements and fluid like structures the music mirrors the element’s appearance.

Melodic poly rhythms and chord structures define Vapor Valve from the outset which work neatly with Storey’s trademark tight percussion, which sits in that golden spot between bass and electro.

Grand Rapid brings the tempo up, urgent in nature while Helicat is built around the interplay between the main riff and synth percussion elements.The 12” is cut & mastered by Matt Colton. Get free WAV files when you buy vinyl from this store. Pre-order vinyl at a discounted rate.