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Penelope Trappes - Carry Me MP3

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Following her acclaimed debut album ‘Penelope One’ for Optimo Music in 2017 and ahead of sophomore long player ‘Penelope Two,’ London based antipodean vocalist, musician and soundscaper Penelope Trappes will release a limited edition 7” vinyl of the intimate and spectral, ‘Carry Me'. 

Despite its dark and dramatic funereal march, lyrically ‘Carry Me’ is positive, exploring a subliminal knowingness that love is the only guide through a chaotic and sometimes painful life. 

A key influence on Trappes is former Wire front-man and acclaimed solo artist Colin Newman. On the B-side, she slows his ‘I Can Hear Your…’ down, reinventing it as tender-ambient-gothic-romanticism.

Included exclusively with the 7” vinyl is a CD featuring ‘Carry Me’ modified by Serbian enigma Abul Mogard into a taught and purposeful 13-minute drone masterwork, that despite its beat-less nature is full of tension and excitement.


Originally from the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, Penelope spent a short-lived stint in a Brisbane indie band doing “Mazzy Star meets Leonard Cohen” before moving to New York and developing experimental electronic projects Locke and Priscilla Sharp, plus her best-known incarnation with partner Stephen – The Golden Filter. 

Under the latter moniker the duo released albums with Brille, Vinyl Factory and Optimo that were praised by The FADER, Pitchfork, NME, Gorilla Vs Bear and Resident Advisor. Additional endeavours included sound-tracking short films and feature films, before an indefinite hiatus began.

When not making music Penelope works on photography, video and performance art as part of a visual arts collective, Agnes Haus. 


  • “Referencing Scott Walker and This Mortal Coil, Trappes uses a minimal palette to frame her spellbinding, spectral songs in a starkly beautiful sound, suggesting a collaboration between Mazzy Star and Leyland Kirby, or Felicia Atkinson writing for Lynch. Truly remarkable” Boomkat
  • “A shiver inducing introspective work, drawing influence from Nick Cave and Grouper” The FADER


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