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Chevel - Bromine MP3

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The main element of Bromine is its fast-paced arpeggios, using Native Instrument Massive X, a new version of the iconic virtual synth, which is the core of the piece.

Chevel manipulated those sounds and atmospheres in D Major, and built the rest of the composition from there, as well as creating a void in the middle of the track, using a combination of reverse and silence, something often present in the music Chevel produces.

A strong component of the music Chevel writes is silence and quieter parts, something he has learnt from ‘weightless’ originators and artists such as Logos and Mumdance. Bromine definitely highlights the artists and adds to the energy and excitement of what we are seeing, combined with the intensity of the brand.”

‘Bromine’ is the culmination of months of work, developing a structure rather than just loops and repetitive formulas. The transition between a hypnagogic state, vivid early morning dreams, a snoozed alarm or phone call that takes you back to reality. A dream-like world of atmosphere and environmental sounds.


Remixed by Canadian producer Nathan Micay - fresh from his original music score for BBC/HBO hit series Industry, Chevel’s original is reworked for the nightclub in mind, his version touching on dreamy synth-scape electronics and cinematic sound design.

Local Action producer Yamaneko builds on the melodies around an initial atmosphere and 'weightless' sound. Yamaneko’s Irusu remix reflects those kinds of looping melodies that penetrate the dreamscape, with increasingly faded echoes of the dream's ghosts still reverberating around the brain alongside the weight of a new, real day (or night).

Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis.