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Guy Andrews - Kevin Drumm Transmogrifications WAV

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London-based musician/producer Guy Andrews commissioned the formidable experimental musician Kevin Drumm to transform two recent compositions, one from Permanence (released in September) and another from Guy's most recent work, [MT][NT][ET] into this two-track digital release, ‘Transmogrifications ‘.

"Guy essentially freed me up to drastically transform his was a good experience taking something that is quite different than what I usually get up to and turn it into something different than what it is in its original form", Kevin Drumm hints.

Kevin writes experimental drone and ambient music that plays tricks on, and surprises, its listeners. There are not many artists Guy found who can manage that. Drumm is interested in textual composition, which is where both artists are similar, but taking his work in a very different direction to Guy’s.

Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis.