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18+ - Crow / Horn Vinyl

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18+ have operated since 2011. Evolving through several media formats of music and visuals, absorbing content from people, companies and avatars to explore their interests of identity, gender, sex, morality and intellectual property.

18+ have self-­released three mixtapes that have existed between the surface of deep web and the subterranean plains of the World Wide Web. Their first public appearances were in the summer of 2013 in which they performed throughout Europe. Venues ranged between nightclubs, galleries, and most notably the Venice Biennale.

Aurally, 18+ are textural, noir and lyrically explicit. Crow / Horn is their first official release. The single will be released on 7” (cut to white, dinked vinyl by Matt Colton and strictly limited to 300 copies) - order from this store and receive free WAV files upon release. Pre-order vinyl at a discounted rate.

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