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DJ Nobu - Flares / Wata Igarashi - 泡 (Abuku)

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Out 23rd February 2024

fabric Originals unveils a new upcoming split single release featuring two luminaries of the techno realm, DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi.

Japan's DJ Nobu is a true one-of-a-kind creative; a DJ with no fixed style but instead a very real ability to draw on a wide world of music and cook up his own unique sound spaces. Wata meanwhile, has developed a revered reputation and clear sound of his own. He brings together the euphoric and psychedelic, with his music standing out for its crystalline structures and shimmering intensity.

The pair also announce a forthcoming back-to-back set at fabric London on Saturday 2nd March 2024.

The collaboration between DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi sparked during a chance meeting in Tokyo, with the relationship solidifying after Nobu invited Igarashi to play at his revered Future Terror party. Igarashi, deeply honoured by the invitation, soon found himself releasing an EP on Nobu's label, Bitta, and fostering a collaborative partnership. The upcoming split single stands as a testament to their shared vision and mutual respect for one other's craft.

“Flares’ is really mental. I think it’s one of Nobu’s best tracks up to date, with lots of trippy movements of top...” – Wata Igarashi

Wata Igarashi expressed his enthusiasm for releasing on fabric Originals, stating, "I am honoured to have the chance to work with fabric, which I have always deeply respected and looked to from Japan. It is a chance for me to connect with a wider audience of music lovers."

"Japan has the most exciting techno scene for me right now. DJ Nobu and Wata Igarashi represent everything I love about DJing." – Daniel Avery


Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Metropolis. Manufactured at optimal-media, Germany.

Limited Edition EP With Exclusive Die-Cut Logo Slipcase Outer

Limited edition vinyl comes with an exclusive silver die-cut logo slipcase outer. A total of 50 copies are available worldwide. 

Orders of limited vinyl are restricted to one per customer.