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Shift Work - Document II Vinyl

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Shift Work are an electronic duo who have previously released on JD Twitch’s Glasgow label Optimo Music. They debut on Houndstooth with ‘Document II’, an EP developed from live jams on outboard analogue gear. ‘Abandoned Hands’ is lean and raw, an angular bassline and indecipherable vox punctuating the relentless 4/4 kick drum and pattering percussion. ‘SBFM’ is fuller-bodied, with the modulating bassline taking centre stage, draped in loose synths and topped with a deadpan vocal refrain.

Shift Work invited remixes from their associates, and the results are impressive, with DVA Damas dialling down the tempo and stripping back ‘Abandoned Hands’ further still, whilst Factory Floor return to remix duty on Houndstooth with a typically subtle yet infectious building take on 'SBFM'. Order your 12” vinyl (cut & mastered by Matt Colton) from this store and receive free WAV files.