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Adam Beyer - fabric 22 Digital

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In the mid-nineties, a clutch of Swedish producers burst onto the techno scene. They forged crunching rhythms and firing 'DJ-tools', drawing influence from industrial bands as much as Detroit's golden era. At the movement's forefront was a producer set to become synonymous with his style, and one of the most in-demand DJs of the time; Adam Beyer. During the near decade since he emerged, Adam founded four record labels - Drum Code, Code Red, Truesoul and Mad Eye - and remixed Underworld, Luke Slater and Carl Cox amongst others. His popularity with promoters has never waned and in 2002, his artist album, Ignition Key, found widespread acclaim. 'Fabric 22' shows an intriguing artist, always keen to progress his music and avoid stagnation, in fine form.

"I still love banging it out for two hours, but I also want to take it a bit further and do a lot longer sets of clubby stuff. I think it's an identity thing as well; you grow older and so does your crowd. I want to play for people that are my age and people I can identify with. This is what I play at the beginning or end of a night. For me it's the most progressive form of techno there is right now. I haven't changed my style, just broadened my horizons. - Adam Beyer" Adam Beyer

'Fabric 22' blends the best in Swedish techno talent - Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch and Adam himself - with internationally acclaimed artists like Steve Rachmad, Reinhard Voigt and Josh Wink. The opening track - Wighnomy Brothers' remix of Slam and Tyrone Palmer - captures the spirit of the mix perfectly: established names meeting the new and less known. Elsewhere, highlights include Ghostly International's Osborne getting groovy, Mathew Jonson's elegant rework of Heim, Tim Taylor's warped Panic Voice, and the albums centrepiece, Adam's own Snuff & Noise. Using subtle mixer effects, quick cuts and long blends, Adam brings us a stunning selection of the very best in European techno.