Autonomic - FABRICLIVE 50 Digital

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Despite the genre's future-forward and experimental beginnings in the early 90s, drum & bass' rigid uniformity over the last decade has made it a stifling environment for many producers. For dBridge, with his background as a former member of the drum & bass heavyweight champions Bad Company, the pressure of dancefloor expectations and DJs' desire for club smashers has been experienced and rejected once in his career already. Since going solo he has been busy developing a more cultured sound that has carved him a niche in a music scene from which he was feeling increasingly removed from. Instra:mental meanwhile, having had a successful stint in drum & bass some years earlier, returned to D&B production in the mid 00s with a uniquely fresh approach. Inspired by 80s synth music, the Detroit sound and the Warp back catalogue, and with a studio fully loaded with vintage hardware equipment, they set about writing drum & bass unlike anyone else; a method that struck a chord with a like-minded soul in dBridge.

"We wanted to showcase what it is that we're doing, and what the sound is capable of, we approached all the people making music we love, and asked them to write us something special for the CD: artists like Distance, Skream, Scuba, Genotype all came with bits at 85 or 170 BPM and it's good stuff, fresh and original. It's a great collection of music, harmonically it all works together; as much as we have different styles, you'd be surprised what tunes stick together just from being in key. We managed to get 32 tracks on it and tried to make it a seamless journey. " Instra:mental

After a year in which Instra:mental collaborated with dBridge on the epic 'Blush Response', they decided to form a creative alliance as Autonomic. As a result a club night, a podcast, an umbrella for their labels, and, most crucially, a style was born. The Autonomic sound is music first, drum & bass second. The people behind it are not setting out to make a drum & bass track; they are setting out simply to make music, producing compositions that are emotionally charged, personally edifying and organic. This is a million miles from the music-by-numbers churned out by so many of today's producers; this is lovingly crafted with integrity, with vision and without the limitations of genre or style that so many artists impose on themselves. And with the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall and Zomby lined up to release on Instra:mental's NonPlus+ label in 2010, it's fair to say that the trio are far from losing pace - they're only just getting started.


  1. Riya Seems Like Exit Records
  2. Instra:mental From The Start NonPlus+
  3. Stray Pushed Exit Records
  4. Dan Habarnam Nu Este Roz Exit Records
  5. Vaccine Ochre NonPlus+
  6. ASC Starkwood (Consequence Remix) Unreleased
  7. Consequence Lover's Shell Exit Records
  8. Distance Sky's Alight (Dub) Unreleased
  9. Alix Perez Self Control Shogun Audio
  10. Genotype Distorted Dreams Genotype
  11. Meleka Go (Accapella) Meleka
  12. Instra:mental End Credits NonPlus+
  13. Instra:mental Watching You NonPlus+
  14. Instra:mental Fist (Level 2B Mix) NonPlus+
  15. Consequence 11 Circles (ASC Remix) Exit Records
  16. dBridge I Know Exit Records
  17. Instra:mental Encke Gap NonPlus+
  18. Loxy & Genotype Farah's Theme Exit Records
  19. dBridge Inner Disbelief (Accapella) Exit Records
  20. Pearson Sound Down With You Darkestral
  21. Scuba Tense (dBridge Remix) Hotflush Recordings
  22. Instra:mental No Future (Consequence Remix) NonPlus+
  23. Code 3 Living Proof Exit Records
  24. Consequence Ft. Instra:mental Reflex Reaction Exit Records
  25. ASC Phobos NonPlus+
  26. Skream Fire Call Exit Records
  27. Instra:mental Machine Made NonPlus+
  28. dBridge Love Hotel Exit Records
  29. dBridge The Dim Light Exit Records
  30. Scuba Eclipse Paul Rose
  31. ASC Ubiquity Incident NonPlus+
  32. Abstract Elements Abysmal Depth Exit Records
  33. Actress Gen Ohn (Screwed Version) Werk Discs