Craig Richards - fabric 01 Digital

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Craig Richards' DJing soundtracks fabric's Saturday nights every week. Blending dubby, breaky, house music with fragile, ever-funky techno, his sets have continually explored new and emerging genres. Craig is also fabric's Musical Director.

"This mix takes inspiration from the trippy innocence of the fabric dancefloor at 6am. It is made up of personal favourites, past and present. It gives an insight into what I do, but more importantly into the sound of fabric on a Sunday morning." Craig Richards

'fabric 01' finds Craig shape-shifting over 70 minutes of subtle and involving dark-dance. Check Gemini's twisted frequencies and the latent funk of Stefan Schwander; Anton Kubikov's spacious sounds and Jamie Anderson's expressive melodies. There's scalpel-sharp beats and razor-edged bass from Swag, the pounding paranoia in Matthew B's 'Bluntski', layers of swinging mood and intricate hooks from co-resident Terry Francis, and the acid-tinged strings of Aubrey and Max Brennan.


  1. Gemini At That Cafe Classic
  2. CPEN Pirates Life Seasons
  3. Antonelli Electr. Dubby Disco Italic
  4. Dub Tech SoundSystem Sugar Rush Intrinsic
  5. Jamie Anderson Montage Immigrant
  6. SCSI-9 Cozmoport Force inc
  7. SCSI-9 Cologne Trapez
  8. Lo-kee Sinners Organised sound
  9. Ernst Vieberg Nightlife Bcc
  10. Bushwacka! Bluntski Plank
  11. Swag Drum Hydraulics Tyrant
  12. Roman IV 14x7x4 Ladomat
  13. Wavescape Silicon Jazz 4th wave
  14. Terry Francis Took From Me Surreal
  15. Helmet Early Riser Guilty
  16. Schatrax Mispent Years Schatrax