Doc Martin - fabric 10 Digital

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Growing up in San Francisco during the 1970's, Doc Martin was a people-loving kid in a music-crazy family. The son of a renowned vocalist, rock and soul powered his household and inspired his generation. Following Peter Tosh to Led Zep, The Clash to Secret Affair and New Order to Acid House, he became a DJ of repute and a true master of styles. A move to LA brought achievement with it: Doc's name is now synonymous with new, fresh, underground sounds.

"It's been an amazing ride for me. I remember the first time I played at fabric and not knowing what the vibe would be. I dropped Maurice Fulton next to Moodymann, then into techno and acid and it all went down great. You can take it down to 116 BPM in Room 1 and hold it. People at fabric are open to anything as long as it's played in the right way at the right time... I wanted to do this CD live, I didn't want to use computers. It's three decks the whole time and a mixer, nothing else at all. Using computers to mix CDs never feels right." Doc Martin

Doc Martin's mix is a late night blend of basement shaking vibes. There's a statement of intent from Eric 'E-Man' Clark, the dreamstate beats of Broker/Dealer, Larry Heard dropping deep and Tiefschwarz re-frying disco. Rise Ashen lifts the mood, Pete Moss brings a weightless groove, REV gets twisted Tokyo-style and Haris re-shapes Slade Stiles. Elsewhere, Derrick Carter sculpts a peak-time trip, Dave Barker demolishes Brett Johnson, Doc and Lillia get quirky and DJ Buck tweaks the frequencies. To finish, Patrick Turner gets percussive, Mark Bell takes Shaboom into the open air and One Deck & Popular blend Booker T and DJ Sneak. Listen in and rock out to the sub-bass lows and acid line highs of a true house master.


  1. Markus Enochson ft. E-Man Musical Prayer Wave
  2. Broker/Dealer Boots and Pants Traum Schallplatten
  3. Glowing Glisses On The Bridge (Larry Heard's After Dark Club Mix) Dessous
  4. Tiefschwarz Renix Classic
  5. Rise Ashen Second Wind Bombay
  6. Pete Moss The Shuttle Large
  7. REV AU INGrecordings
  8. Slade Stiles Ding Bling (Haris Electric Mix) Casa Del Soul
  9. Rednail + 1 I Think Of You Classic
  10. Brett Johnson & Dave Barker Stucco Homes (Return Of The Ghost Mix) Classic
  11. Sublevel Just Us Sublevel
  12. DJ Buck Highlights F4 Music
  13. Patrick Turner Bonus Beats Shakes
  14. Shaboom If You Need Me (Blakkat's Street Party Mix) Shaboom
  15. One Deck & Popular Son of Stitt Black Country Route