Ewan Pearson - fabric 35 Digital

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With minimal being the prevailing theme of the techno world, the musical equivalent of writing a word over and over until it has lost all meaning; it's refreshing to stumble upon someone as anomalous as the highly inventive Ewan Pearson. Long after his days of being a skint self-employed musician, and 11 years on since his first record was pressed, it's quite obvious Ewan Pearson has undoubtedly found his groove and his sound is anything but soulless or uninspired. And his ever-changing, avant-garde productions seem to always surprise even the most jaded of ears. Offbeat yet on point, with a charmingly unpretentious disposition, Pearson makes pop-friendly music drenched in bass and sprinkled with addictive melodies. From his beginnings on Birmingham's Bosting label as Villa America and Dirtbox, to his highly celebrated work on Soma as Maas, to his ever-expanding DJing career, Ewan Pearson has quickly climbed the ranks as one of electronic music's most prodigious underground idols.

"I think I move around style-wise, I've got quite diverse tastes. I suppose, because of the remixes I was doing 5 years ago, I've been lumped into the electro scene, but what interests me is finding exciting new records. It's that sensibility of trying to twist things slightly, trying to put things together in not such an obvious way, trying to change things style-wise. What I don't like is hearing hours of the same sort of thing. At the moment, I love techno but I don't just play sort of minimal clicky stuff. What bores me when everyone is doing the same thing. I just find the stuff that moves me and try and make it work." Ewan Pearson

On fabric 35, Ewan Pearson tells a gripping, equivocal story; at times it's moving ("Berghain" by Aril Brikha), other times brilliantly off-the-wall (Konrad Black's take on "Honeymoon's Over"), even twists and turns towards the adulterous (100 Hz on "Trustlove") but, from beginning to end, remains completely unpredictable. Pearson has crafted a wonderfully fluid mix, shifting from abrasive, percussive workouts to sublime, sparkling electronics with ease. The mix is underpinned by a menacing sub-plot; mechanical, treated vocals and low end kick drive the story deeper.


  1. Jahcoozi Ali McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X-Ray Italo Rework) Careless
  2. MarcAshken Nimrod (Marc Houle Is A Nimrod Remix) Leftroom
  3. Gui.tar Push In The Bush Careless
  4. Snax Honeymoon's Over (Konrad Black Mix) Terranova
  5. Jens Zimmermann Tranquillite K2
  6. Liquid Liquid Bellhead DFA
  7. Lee Burridge and Dan F Treat 'em Mean, Keep 'em Keen (Exercise One, Mix 2) Almost Anonymous
  8. 100 Hz Trustlove Hi-Phen Music Delivery
  9. Samim Paspd ft. Big Bully Circus Company
  10. Laven & MSO Looking For God Klang
  11. Simon Baker Plastik Infant
  12. Samuel L Sesssions ft. Paris The Black Fu Can You Relate Klap Klap
  13. Johannes Heil All For One (Tobi Neumann's Swinging Remix) Klang
  14. Kaos Panopeeps (Origin) Lektroluv
  15. Beanfield Tides (C's Movement #1 - Carl Craig Remix) Compost
  16. Aril Brikha Berghain Kompakt