The Glimmers - FABRICLIVE 31 Digital

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The Glimmers are two peas from a rare breed of pod. Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, the party capital that later birthed Soulwax and 2ManyDJs, Benoelie and Mo fell deeply under music's spell at a tender age. They were undoubtedly a likely duo: Mo, a rapt child dazzled by the scratch-coated records disposed from his family bar's jukebox, was avidly building his own record collection, while Benoelie grew from a family deeply rooted in nightlife and party culture. Their residency at a club called Fifty Five saw them sweating out 11-hour marathon sets every week; workouts that nurtured their flexible attitude and inimitable style.

The Glimmers took their unique genre-blurring style to a factory in Ghent for their next night-time takeover, Pablo Eskimo Bar. Once a factory to produce Eskimo underwear, The Glimmers filled the walls with their revolutionary sound and found it was the perfect ambience to get beats, not knickers, in a twist. Mingling disco with post-punk, reggae, hip hop - and everything in-between - to create unimaginable concoctions, the night that began with 300 people soon attracted over 7,000 hedonists flocking from all over the world. The remarkable success of the club night spawned a compilation series in which the mighty sound of Eskimo was encapsulated on disc. 8 celebrated Eskimo compilations later, with a widely acclaimed DJ Kicks mix and a Blue Note CD released on the side, The Glimmers find themselves continually shuffling between cities with smiles as big as their tour schedules. Most recently, The Glimmers have been pushing remixes and their own productions, each auditory gem equipped with the unmistakable charm of unfettered independence.

"That was very good learning school and I think that is really the base of how we play now. We were so focussed on covering the whole musical landscape as much as possible, though, of course, we had 10-11 hours time compared to nowadays having two-hours, sometimes an hour-and-a-half." The Glimmers

The Glimmers' affinity with artistic freedom comes shining through on FABRICLIVE 31, a vivid, alluring mix that defiantly breaks free from all musical trends and restraints. The Glimmers shimmer with a highly surprising collection of classic tracks, each as extraordinary as the next, that synchronize and blend together with an unparalleled synergy. Rock out in the back of the classroom with a history lesson taught by The Glimmers, where spread across the chalkboard are some of the most influential, underappreciated, forgotten, essential, interesting and cutting-edge (even by today's standards) beat pioneers. Sway to Black Slate's reggae-tinted drums, tread to electro-acoustic legend Pierre Henry, break to a Freeez classic and shake to Padded Cell's techy take on Mekon, all within the space of one disc. Producers that sat tall in the charts 20-30 years ago still sound more innovative than the chart-dwellers these days. Perhaps the mission statement on their Eskimo compilations says it best: "The future is present in the past. The past presents the future."


  1. Roxy Music Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix) Virgin
  2. Fingerprintz Wet Job Virgin
  3. The League Unlimited Orchestr Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Instrumental Remix) EMI
  4. Pop Dell' Arte No Way Back Different
  5. The Glimmers Kobe's In Columbia Diskimo
  6. Prins Thomas Vs. Blackbelt Andersen En Real Tjukkas Trailerpark
  7. The Holy Ghost The Word (The Dub) Holy Ghost Inc
  8. Sons and Daughters Dance Me In (JD Twitch and The Truffle Club's Optimo Remix) Domino
  9. Neal Howard The Gathering Neal Howard
  10. Freddie Mercury Love Kills (More Oder ReWork By The Glimmers) EMI
  11. Mekon Boy Bitten featuring Rita Brown (Padded Cell Remix) Wall Of Sound/Pias
  12. Freez I.O.U. (I.Dub.U.) Beggars Banquet
  13. Chris 'The Glove' Taylor and David Storrs Reckless Universal
  14. George Kranz Din Daa Daa George Kranz
  15. LCD Soundsystem Disco Infiltrator DFA
  16. Urban Jungle ad Man (Black Dog Bite Mix) Virgin
  17. Black Slate Sticks Man CNR
  18. Urban Jungle Bad Man (Black Dog Bite Mix) Virgin
  19. Howie B My Speedboat Is Faster Than Yours Pussyfoot
  20. Pierre Henry Too Fortiche Mercury
  21. Arpadys Monkey Star Music Code