Grooverider - FABRICLIVE 06 Digital

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Grooverider began DJing in London during the mid-eighties for Brixton-based pirate radio station, Phaze 1, and small-scale soundsystem, Global Rhythm. Unable to mix and unexposed to acid house, he merged The Jam, The Clash and X-Ray Spex into soul, jazz, hip hop and funk. Believing that 'what you play is more important than how you play it', he found a likemind in fellow Phaze DJ, Fabio, and the two honed their skills with early basement beats made in Detroit and Sheffield. Within three years they'd held their first residency, become circuit DJs and given drum 'n' bass a seminal club: Rage. Leaving Phaze for London's Kiss FM, they joined Radio 1 in 1998 and now host '1 In The Jungle', a truly international platform for their music. Grooverider operates the Prototype label, home to Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce and Codename John, his own production alias.

"I'm resident at FABRICLIVE and it's my favourite club in the UK - that's for real. I was kind of honoured when I was asked to do this mix, it seemed like a good project to be involved with. The soundsystem at Fabric is built for dance music. It's way ahead, a proper dance club." Grooverider

FABRICLIVE.06 is a whistle-starting tour of drum 'n' bass flava. Want the breakdown? Peshay's 'Got Me Burning' leads with shrieks and beats; Ed, Optical and Fierce bring razor-edged bass; Danny C uses tequila-sharp styles; Mampi Swift locks shattered drums into hard-hitting horns. Blend the distant keys of Special Forces and Total Science's rimshot rhythms into a freaked frequency from Twisted Individual and a looped-up, laid-back track from Ed Rush. Add Origin Unknown's techno-thinking 'Truly One' , DJ SS' screaming sirens, the drilling Optimus Prime, oscillating Digital and big, bad, electro hit of Dillinja. Then close with Ram's wired edges, Krust's minimal trip and the wasted Calyx getting lost in the machines. Using jigsaw-mixes, quick cuts and 'VIP' dubs, this is trademark Grooverider; melody, soul and heavy, heavy future funk. Through 70 minutes he showcases a strong scene, a committed collective and a number of talented producers that have each found a sound. It's from the heart and for the floor. It ain't too loud.


  1. Peshay ft. Co-ordinate Got Me Burning Cubik Music
  2. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce Alien Girl Prototype Recordings
  3. Danny C The Mexican Portica Recordings
  4. Mampi Swift Rebirth Charge Recordings
  5. Special Forces What I Need Photek Records
  6. Total Science Hotspot Timeless Records
  7. Twisted Individual Bitch Muzzle Formation
  8. Ed Rush Subway Prototype Recordings
  9. Origin Unknown Truly One Ram Records
  10. DJ SS The Lighter (S-Files VIP mix) Formation
  11. Bad Company The Pulse Prototype Recordings
  12. Optimus Prime Amen Slag Inflicted Records
  13. Digital Deadline VIP (Vip Mix) Function Records & Timeless Music
  14. Dillinja It Ain't Too Loud Valve Recordings
  15. Influx Datum Back For More Formation
  16. Ram Trilogy Milky Way Ram Records
  17. Krust Kloakin' King Full Cycle Music / Bucks Music
  18. Calyx Wasteground Moving Shadow