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Damian Lazarus - fabric 54 Digital

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Damian Lazarus - the LA based but London born musical chameleon - proudly presents the 54th offering in the fabric compilation series. Having graced the international dance music circuit since his time pushing artists on City Rockers, Damian's fruitful career has seen him hone his talent to become one of the most in demand players in contemporary electronic music. Be it through his exciting Crosstown Rebels imprint that is home to intriguing talents such as Jamie Jones, Deniz Kurtel, Seth Troxler and Glimpse, his solo production work that includes the album 'Smoke The Monster Out' for Get Physical where he ""delivered, arguably, the defining album of the modern clubbing experience"" [The Guardian] or his ability to cause havoc on any dancefloor, Damian's capacity to find, push, promote, and play the perfect beat has proven to be a key asset to music throughout the past decade.

"I went to the opening of fabric in October 1999 and felt at home there from that day on. London needed this club so badly at the time and it couldn't have been more perfect. In the following years I'd be on the dance floor, checking out music and DJs, wishing one day I'd be asked to play there. Which of course did happen back in 2005 and I have been playing there once or twice a year ever since. Being asked to mix this album is, at the risk of sounding cheesy, like a dream come true, even after all this time." Damian Lazarus

With fabric 54, Damian demonstrates his immense talent as a club DJ, with his offering to the series acting as a snapshot of what an archetypal Damian Lazarus set at fabric can be. With releases from the Wolf + Lamb associated e-funk duo Soul Clap, UK funky figurehead Roska and always stand-out Four Tet, the mix remains a snapshot of cutting edge house and techno, yet constantly references elements of the various genres of music from which they currently take influence. Damian opens with leading light of the Detroit nu school Ryan Crosson, via post-dubstep's Appleblim & Ramadanman, and a timeless slice of Swayzak. He skims the cream of current releases from The Mole, new Crosstown Rebel signings Art Department and wunderkind of the moment Nicolas Jaar with Soul Keita. While the home stretch sees Lee Jones and Agaric rubbing shoulders with Germany's most sublime entrant for Eurovision, Su Kramer, before closing with two dreamlike numbers from Bill Holt. Fusing synthetic deepness with relentless rhythmical force and twinkling humour, the mix brings all the unique charm of Damian's club sets into your living room.