Martyn - fabric 50 Digital

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Martijn Deijkers particular strand of bass defies genres or adjectives - to his fans and admirers its known simply as Martyn Music. With a sound that became a cornerstone for dubstep in 2009 and a debut album (Great Lengths) that became one of the most stylistically fierce long players the scene has produced to date Martyn pushes a rebellious out-of-the-box mentality into his every artistic venture. Commanding dancefloors with a strong sense of timing and attitude his music revels in its relative simplicity - synth lines lounging atop swung drum patterns all in turn massaged by warm low frequencies - a trait hes reinforced with fabric 50 his first mix CD to date.

"I did the whole mix CD live just because I thought that was more honest than doing an Ableton DJ mix. It is how I would play live - not everything on the CD is perfect but its not meant to be. That goes for my DJ sets and for my music as well; theres always little bits and pieces that could have been much better or more streamlined or whatever but thats the beauty of music to me. I wanted it to be raw and honest. As for the selection I just wanted to try and make it as varied as possible and get people from all different corners of the globe together on one CD. The idea of it was to bring together all these sounds and vibes something I would never be able to do on a studio album just because Im not able to make all that sort of music. Its amazing music though I love it so I want to play it to people." Martyn

With fabric 50 Martyn intertwines the essential elements of what makes his own style so pristine and easily recognisable fusing dancefloor ready percussion with that element of raw soul - whether its vocal led or simply inferred with emotive chords and synthesizers that harbour those distinct frequencies that positively shimmer. Anyone who has witnessed Martyn meticulously construct one of his DJ sets over the tail end of 2009 can testify to the pitch perfect unfathomably smooth beat and vibe matching. Whilst the mix is loaded with welcome surprises like Hudson Mohawkes Joy Fantastic and Levon Vincents Air Raid - tracks that might not work on every dancefloor - its an honest and healthy glimpse into the Dutchmans current DJ perspective.


  1. Hudson Mohawke Joy Fantastic Feat. Olivier Daysoul Warp
  2. Alec Wizz 'Drummin' (Louis Benedetti Drumminpella) Defected
  3. Nubian Mindz Bossa Boogie Rush Hour
  4. Maddslinky Lost On Tenori Street Biasphere
  5. Altered Natives Rass Out One Minute Music
  6. Zomby Little Miss Naughty Zomby Productions
  7. Uncle Bakongo Afar Roska Kicks & Snares
  8. Zomby Light Cycle Zomby Productions
  9. Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson The Clock (Ben Klock's Timepiece) Rekids
  10. DJBone We Control The Beat Subject Detroit
  11. Detachments Circles (Martyn's Round & Round Mix) This Is Not An Exit
  12. Joy Orbison Brkln Clln Doldrums
  13. Cooly G Feeling You Dub Organizer
  14. Martyn Feat dBridge These Words (Roska's Speechless Mix) 3024
  15. Kode9 Oozi Hyperdub
  16. Roska Without It Roska Kicks & Snares
  17. Martyn Friedrichstrasse 3024
  18. Levon Vincent Air Raid Ovum
  19. Martyn Feat Spaceape Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Mix) 3024
  20. Martyn Seventy Four (Redshape Mix) 3024
  21. Actress Slowjam Werk Discs
  22. Zomby Mercury's Rainbow Thriller
  23. 2562 Flashback Tectonic
  24. Martyn Vancouver 3024
  25. Jan Driver Rat Alert Made To Play
  26. Dorian Concept Trilingual Dance Sexperience Affine