Nitin Sawhney - FABRICLIVE 15 Digital

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Nitin Sawhney is a dynamic force in British music and arts, constantly challenging barriers and conventional perspectives. His six artist albums, including the Mercury Award nominated 'Beyond Skin', have pioneered a cultural and humanitarian awareness through a broad base of reference. To his diverse and passionate fanbase, his music is a symbol of unity at a time when governments seem intent on emphasising difference and fear to preserve an unnatural equilibrium. In his childhood, Nitin played punk, jazz, classical, and traditional eastern music with a variety of bands. A prolific artist who likes to collaborate and explore new ideas, he has written comedy, composed for orchestras, DJed, and played live across the globe.

"Like my sets at FABRICLIVE, this compilation builds in energy from the darkest to the most infectious of sounds. Deep grooves and dope beats for cynics and clubbers everywhere." Nitin Sawhney

This mix is a confluence of musical influences and ideas. It's a journey blending rolling broken beats with furious rhythms; thoughtful, energetic and infectious. Kicking off with the deep jazz of Nitin's Koop re-edit, we're led into the broken drum patterns of his 'Eastern Eyes'. Freeform Five's flamenco styled reworking of 'Homelands' contrasts with the deep gentle groove of Viennese Dzihan & Kamien's remix. There's dub with the Burnt Friedman mix of Tosca, an Atjazz remix of 'Tempest' and 4hero remix Nathan Haines as Nitin takes a step towards the dancefloor. Frantic beats come from two brilliant tracks on melodic drum n bass label Hospital. There's the growling bassline of Darqwan, into the eastern fusion of forward thinking production and traditional sounds of Visionary Underground. The delicate music of 'Beyond Skin' features the powerful words of Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the A-bomb, condemning his Frankenstein, and the mix closes with 'Hymn 2', a sublime combination of Photek's cutting edge production with the ancient sound of choral song.


  1. Koop Relaxin' At Club F****n (Nitin Sawhney Edit) Compost
  2. Nitin Sawhney Eastern Eyes (Seiji Remix) V2
  3. Nitin Sawhney Homelands (Freeform Five Remix) Outcaste
  4. Nitin Sawhney Homelands (Dzihan & Kamien Mix) Outcaste
  5. Tosca Suzuki (Burnt Friedman/ Nonplace Dub) !K7
  6. Marcos Valle Valeu (4Hero Remix) Far Out
  7. Kabuki Tempest (Atjazz Remix) Irma
  8. Nathan Haines Long (4Hero Mix) Chillifunk
  9. 4Hero We Who Are Not Others (Jazzanova Mix) Talkin' Loud
  10. Phuturistix Bad Thoughts Hospital
  11. Darqwan Three Note Blue Hospital
  12. Visionary Underground Freedom Nasha
  13. Niraj Chag The Wheel Nasha
  14. Ges-e & Visionary Underground Militant 24 Nasha
  15. Nitin Sawhney Beyond Skin Outcaste
  16. Craig Armstrong Hymn 2 feat. Photek Virgin