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Slam - fabric 09 Digital

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Slam is Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle. Synonymous with Glasgow's underground house and techno scene and their sound-searching record label, Soma, the duo have garnered a reputation as international DJs, accomplished recording artists and respected collaborators. During the last decade they have exemplified the DIY-attitude of the British dance scene, combining DJing, producing, A & R, promotion and much besides. Their schedule regularly takes them to clubs worldwide, confirming their status as one of a handful of artists who truly shape their genre.

"This CD reflects our DJing sound in Room 2 at fabric, starting deep and getting gradually more intense towards the end. The last track by Mad Mike of Underground Resistance is just amazing." Slam

'fabric 09: Slam' is a pulse-taking collection of upfront, up-beat body music. Smoothly mixed at breakneck pace, Stuart and Orde keep four-hands-on-decks at all times, pulling in rhythms and throwing down grooves: this is a now-or-never mix - exciting, rush-inducing, forward-looking. Highlights? Try the Dragnet horns of Tony Thomas or Envoy's huge Chi-town groove. There's Slam's own hip injecting dub of Ladytron and Danilo Vigorito's deep spaced sounds. Get tough with Marco Carola's mix of Sven Vath's 'Steel' and Redhead's shriek-beat missile, then ease down with Tulasonic's sub zero soundscape drifting into UR's heart-stealing masterpiece, 'Inspiration'. This is the sound that Slam built.