Terry Francis - fabric 02 Digital

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Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and taste-maker. An unwitting ambassador of the tech-house scene he has been in constant demand as a touring DJ, supporting the works of like-minded producers in the process.

"I suppose I'm reflecting the music you'd hear me play in Fabric during any night; just trying to break three hours down into 74 minutes. I like to move up and down through my sets, always finishing on a strong, positive note with nice sounding music. It's deep, tough, Fabric house stuff." Terry Francis

Terry forms a typically groove-building, mood-conscious set. Using Chateau Flight's 'Welcome' as a recurring refrain, he includes dreamstate house from The Logic Box, the dramatic atmospheres of Floppy Sounds, Gruvhaus' incessant percussion and DJ Buck's tribal-tinged 'Ode To Mad Marj'. Elsewhere, there's the warmth of Eddie Richards' 'Oyea', the cleverly crafted work of cohort Gideon, Blakkat's skin-deep soul and melody-wrapped bass from Haris & Stubbs.


  1. Chateau Flight Welcome (Welcapella mix) Versatile
  2. Norken East Hydrogen Dukebox
  3. The Logic Box Morph Cross Chronobrain
  4. Outa The Blue R Change U Gideon Jackson
  5. Floppy Sounds Doing Shows Wave Music
  6. Gruvhaus Frostreet Sog
  7. SD Grooves Red Leather Slide
  8. DJ Buck Ode To Mad Marj Tweekin
  9. Eddie Richards Oyea Dy-Na-Mix
  10. Gideon Jackson Ooh Yi Yi Gideon Jackson
  11. Take Away D&D Gold Chronobrain
  12. Dark Male Night Life (Asad's Silverlining Remix) Groovetech
  13. Filth Dancin' Suspect Package
  14. Universal Agents Lemon Pie (Dub Mix) Worship
  15. Black Kat ft Mark Bell Deeper (Blakdoktor Mix) Blaktrax
  16. Haris & Stubbs My Love Funknose