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18+ - Dry Vinyl

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‘Dry’ is the second single from the devastating debut album by 18+, ‘Trust’, which was lauded from Dazed to Mixmag to Dummy, who named it in their top 5 LPs of 2014. The formerly shadowy US duo, now revealed as Samia & Justin, have operated since 2011, evolving through several media formats of music, performance and visuals which graphically explore identity, gender, sex and morality.

‘Dry’ is a trap homage dripping with innuendo and coded lyrics draped over a backdrop of gun cocks and pitch-shifted chants. On the flip, brand new track ‘Body’ is a woozy call-and-response that unnervingly brings together sex and disorientation. Cut and mastered by Matt Colton, the 7” single is pressed to dinked vinyl and limited to 500 copies worldwide - order from this store and receive free WAV files upon release. Pre-order vinyl at a discounted rate.

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