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Terry Francis - fabric 02 CD

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Terry Francis' weekly DJ sets have been a consistent highlight in fabric's history, continually underlining his dual position as scene-stayer and taste-maker. An unwitting ambassador of the tech-house scene he has been in constant demand as a touring DJ, supporting the works of like-minded producers in the process.

"I suppose I'm reflecting the music you'd hear me play in Fabric during any night; just trying to break three hours down into 74 minutes. I like to move up and down through my sets, always finishing on a strong, positive note with nice sounding music. It's deep, tough, Fabric house stuff." Terry Francis

Terry forms a typically groove-building, mood-conscious set. Using Chateau Flight's 'Welcome' as a recurring refrain, he includes dreamstate house from The Logic Box, the dramatic atmospheres of Floppy Sounds, Gruvhaus' incessant percussion and DJ Buck's tribal-tinged 'Ode To Mad Marj'. Elsewhere, there's the warmth of Eddie Richards' 'Oyea', the cleverly crafted work of cohort Gideon, Blakkat's skin-deep soul and melody-wrapped bass from Haris & Stubbs.