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Jon Marsh - fabric 03 CD

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Jon rose to prominence with The Beloved, a band whose string of late eighties/early nineties chart hits disguised a slow and steadfast route to success. Originally steeped in psychedelia, The Beloved began to feed from the energy of their social surroundings; mid-80s London clubs like Deptford's 'Flim Flam', Noel and Maurice Watson's Delirium, and Danny and Jenni Rampling's Shoom. They would become synonymous with dance culture landmarks like the house-meets-ambient 'The Sun Rising' and languid list-song 'Hello'. During the early '90s Jon began to build a parallel career as a DJ. He has travelled worldwide and been a guest DJ at most major clubs in the UK.

"It was very important for me to construct this mix with just decks and vinyl. I'm not averse to technologically-enhanced CDs, but this is how I play in the club, and it's definitely the medium I'm most comfortable with." Jon Marsh

Jon features the bumping bass of West Magnetic, Erro's engaging rhythms and the latent groove of Spook's 'Feel Up'. Solo & Logan bring tribal textures, Max Beard offers the soul-soaked 'Only You', and the Papa Washington Trio add searing strings in the defiant 'Calling All Dancers'. Alexander East's skin-deep, off-kilter playout, 'Jest 4 Me', completes the flow from laid-back to pitched-up.