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Pure Science - fabric 05

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Born into a musical family, Phill 'Pure Science' Sebastiane began his musical education during his pre-teens. Influenced by new wave, industrial and synth-pop acts, he was attending clubs, parties and raves whilst still at school. Having become a bedroom producer of repute, his demo tape attracted the attention of then-house DJs, Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee. Then part of Passion Records and Lightening FM, they invited Phill to work in their south London studio, where he coupled daily studio tasks with his own through-the-night production sessions. His dedication and insightfulness earned him the nickname 'The Scientist', which stuck for his early DJ Hype-assisted productions. Having evolved his Pure Science moniker, Phill has produced for Mica Paris, Malcolm McLaren and Terry Hall and operates the PS Communications and B+ labels.

"I want to elate people and make them euphoric through the music, groove and vibe of the album. I want people to hear it and be drawn into it. I am trying to represent my production - it's a reflection of the skills I've developed over the last 15 years. I also want to tell a story, get a message and concept in there." Pure Science

Recorded continuously and mixed 'as live', this deep blend of Pure Science originals is aimed as much towards headphone recreation as dancefloor re-creation. From the Chicago-influenced, bassline-led 'Time 2 Bump', through the dark 'Let's Go Back (Can't U Feel It?)' to the dramatic finale of 'Our Universe...", Pure Science blends rhythm, bass and melody.


Pure Science - Time 2 Bump!
Pure Science - United by House
Pure Science - Can You Feel?
Pure Science - Don't Hide
Pure Science - I Want U... 'Da Muzik'
Pure Science - The Mind In Rhythm (The Concentration Mix)
Pure Science - Let's Go Back (Can't You Feel It?)
Pure Science - Bompazee (Deal Me Da Rydim)
Pure Science - Meez Philosophy (Feel It)
Pure Science - It is Innit?
Pure Science - By The Pool
Pure Science - La Magica Del Sol
Pure Science - Our Universe (Galaxy 1172 Outro)