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Tyler Stadius - fabric 06 CD

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Tyler Stadius spent the majority of his youth travelling the world with his family, experiencing different cultures and varied lifestyles. Exposed to funk, soul and disco through his father's record collection, he was a quirky, keen, inquisitive kid, never far from a walkman, stereo or turntable. He returned to his birthplace, Toronto, in the late eighties to found punk bands, attend film school and, eventually, host warehouse parties in downtown locations. His was a D.I.Y. attitude: making up the rules as he went along. He has settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1991.

"Every time I've played at fabric has been a fantastic, memorable experience - from the first time getting lost in its caverns to the other times getting lost in the music. Seriously, it feels different playing at fabric than anywhere else. Ranging from heavy, thick and chunky to vibey, deep and dubby, I like to keep it rolling." Tyler Stadius

"This is a hot, heavy trip, drowned in echo and wrapped in rhythm. DJ Buck gives urgent kicks and wild bass, while Jay Tripwire uses lazer zaps, acid lines, tribal percussion and expansive structures over his three contributions. Tribulation offer broken beats and edgy, late-night grooves, Dano and Chus bring peak-time power and Asad breaks Elio's 'Loudkissing' into loops, parts and pieces. There's the stutter funk and deep beats of The Base Boys, the assured groove of Grant Dell and Bob De Rosa and Laid's sweet, soft sound. The mix ends in a track deserving the tag 'classic'; the meeting of seventies reggae voice Cornell Campbell and Berlin visionaries Rhythm & Sound."