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Hipp-E And Halo - fabric 07

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Hipp-e and Halo are longtime friends that share a near-lifelong passion. Brian Vargas (Halo) found a job with seminal Chicago record label/distribution centre Hip House at the age of 9. At 12 he was DJing around his home town, despite being unable to attend parties as a paying customer. Eric Galaviz (Hipp-e) is from America's Golden West. He began DJing at 16 and producing just months afterwards. Keen to re-write house music to fit the vibe of America's left-coast, Hipp-e's meeting with Halo established a hybrid sound, pairing Chi-town jack with Pacific-deep beats. From their adopted base of San Diego they have worked under their own names (and the monikers H-Foundation and 6400 Crew) for Soma, Hooj Choons, Siesta, NRK, Contrast and Yoshitoshi.

"This is definitely one of our favourite projects to date. Fabric gave us the freedom to use a lot of material from our favourite labels and producers and they worked with us until we were totally satisfied with the result. This is a real house vibe." Hipp-e and Halo

This is Hipp-e and Halo's dedication to house music. Beginning with the scattershot beats and sci-fi strains of Inverse Cinematics' 'Slow Swing', they melt 4/4 forms into 70 sweet minutes: instant and intense; deep and dreamy; stripped-back and soulful; offbeat and glitchy. Nile bring a Detroit-styled groove, re-styled in Sheffield, Swag sample trains for 'Metroride', Scoper & Bubba offer hot-as-hell hip house and Natural Rhythms bring lunatic grooves. Hannah get spacey, Seaform drop deeper, Guided Method use vocals and bass and Simon et Barquet hook a super-sweet groove. Add warped disco frequencies from Solaris Heights, the wound-up funk in Don't Bogart, Charles Webster's bump-a-long trip through UBQ, Halo's mainlined free-keys and Ernest Saint Laurent's bass-building closer to complete a one-take, two-headed house music celebration.

1. Inverse Cinematics – Slow Swing
2. Nile – 3 In Tha Mornin' (Swag's Version Dub)
3. Swag – Metroride (Ken & Sam's Racketride)
4. Scoper & Bubba – I'm Satisfied
5. Natural Rhythm – Freakinought
6. Hanna – Time (Doza's Lawnchair Generals Mix)
7. Seafoam – Chatter
8. Guided Methods – Rugburns (Original Mix)
9. Simon Et Bolivard – And I Know
10. Solaris Heights – Midnight (Original Mix)
11. Don't Bogart – Long Deep Decay
12. UBQ Project – When I Fell In Love (Charles Webster Dub Mix)
13. Halo – Lakeshore Dr.
14. Ernest Saint Laurent – Body Flowers (Fluid System Mix)