Hipp-E And Halo - fabric 07

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Hipp-e and Halo are longtime friends that share a near-lifelong passion. Brian Vargas (Halo) found a job with seminal Chicago record label/distribution centre Hip House at the age of 9. At 12 he was DJing around his home town, despite being unable to attend parties as a paying customer. Eric Galaviz (Hipp-e) is from America's Golden West. He began DJing at 16 and producing just months afterwards. Keen to re-write house music to fit the vibe of America's left-coast, Hipp-e's meeting with Halo established a hybrid sound, pairing Chi-town jack with Pacific-deep beats. From their adopted base of San Diego they have worked under their own names (and the monikers H-Foundation and 6400 Crew) for Soma, Hooj Choons, Siesta, NRK, Contrast and Yoshitoshi.

"This is definitely one of our favourite projects to date. Fabric gave us the freedom to use a lot of material from our favourite labels and producers and they worked with us until we were totally satisfied with the result. This is a real house vibe." Hipp-e and Halo

This is Hipp-e and Halo's dedication to house music. Beginning with the scattershot beats and sci-fi strains of Inverse Cinematics' 'Slow Swing', they melt 4/4 forms into 70 sweet minutes: instant and intense; deep and dreamy; stripped-back and soulful; offbeat and glitchy. Nile bring a Detroit-styled groove, re-styled in Sheffield, Swag sample trains for 'Metroride', Scoper & Bubba offer hot-as-hell hip house and Natural Rhythms bring lunatic grooves. Hannah get spacey, Seaform drop deeper, Guided Method use vocals and bass and Simon et Barquet hook a super-sweet groove. Add warped disco frequencies from Solaris Heights, the wound-up funk in Don't Bogart, Charles Webster's bump-a-long trip through UBQ, Halo's mainlined free-keys and Ernest Saint Laurent's bass-building closer to complete a one-take, two-headed house music celebration.


  1. Inverse Cinematics Slow Swing Pulver Records
  2. 3 In Tha Mornin' (Swag's Version Dub) Independiente
  3. Swag Metroride (Ken & Sams Racketride) Version Music
  4. Scoper & Bubba I'm Satisfied Classic Recordings
  5. Natural Rhythm Freakinought Doubledown Recordings
  6. Hanna Time (Doza's Lawn Chair Generals Mix) Viva Record Co
  7. Seafoam Mumbo Jumbo (Kitchen Dwellers) Guidance Recordings
  8. Guided Method Rugburns (Original mix) Compu_sol
  9. Simon et Bolivard And I Know Tropism
  10. Solaris Heights Midnight (Dub mix) Airtight Recordings
  11. Don't Bogart Long Deep Decay Spacecraft Productions
  12. UBQ Project When I Fall In Love (Charles Webster Dub mix) Music Plant
  13. Halo Lakeshore Dr Bluem Recordings
  14. Ernest St Laurent Body Flowers (Fluid System Mix) BMG