Radioactive Man - fabric 08

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Keith Tenniswood has been behind and upfront on a variety of dance music's most-cherished productions. Growing up he was a Hendrix-head amongst the early eighties electro craze, and as a teenager frequented parties on London's 'Drum Club' scene. He'd later meet the Sabresonic and Full Circle crews and begin work as an In-House Engineer for Sabres of Paradise, whilst working with other members of the tight-knit dance community. He's credited by David Holmes, Beth Orton, The Aloof, Red Snapper, Primal Scream, Jon Carter and Barry Ashworth, testament to an all-encompassing production aptitude and a musical open-mindedness. Partnering Andrew Weatherall in 2 Lone Swordsmen, Keith's alter-ego, Radioactive Man, is an outlet for his solo work.

"I wanted to capture our 'Haywire at fabric' spirit. That can be anything from breaks to techno to electro to some housey vibes, even finishing up with some drum and bass. Whatever, the CD had to be really pumping from start-to-finish: no messing around." Radioactive Man

This is techno changing state. Using Detroit's 'electro future sound' and the UK's 'Industrial' movement as very loose inspiration, Tenniswood uses 17 tracks in creating a lava-hot, headstrong trip. Dot Allison's vocals and Sweetie's twisted bliss meet The Swordsmen's edge, Takeover Sound bring Motor City grooves, Depth Charge work the percussion and Imatran Voima plays it straight. Koma and Bones merge frequencies and filters; Jammin drops things deep; Anthony Rother spaces-out; and Basic Unit strip things back. The big bass hit of Radioactive Man's 'Ave That' is rewound then re-thought by Tim Wright before Tim's beat-defying 'Going Down' clashes into The Kitbuilders' stealth pop. Disco D and Princess Superstar stamp all over Dirty Hospital for a head-rushing finish. Spun-back and quickly-cut, this is a thunderstruck blend of spark-inducing electro beats.


  1. Spencer Bewley Intro
  2. Slam feat. Dot Allison Visions (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) Soma Recordings
  3. Sweetie Touch Me (Dub) Superstonic Records
  4. Takeover Sound Together In The Dark Takeover Records
  5. Depth Charge Honour DC Recordings
  6. Imatran Voima In/Out Tellektro Records
  7. Koma & Bones Powercut (Rewired Remix) Thursday Club Recordings
  8. Jammin As We Do Bingo Beats
  9. Anthony Rother Die Macht General Electronic Music / Psi49Net
  10. Basic Units Explode Firewire Recordings
  11. Radioactive Man 'ave That RGC Records
  12. Radioactive Man 'ave That (Tim Wright Remix) RGC Records
  13. Tim Wright Going Down Mute Records Limited
  14. Kitbuilders Wake Up (Bolz Bolz Electro World Remix) World Electric
  15. Dirty Hospital Rottenrow Control Tower
  16. Disco D feat. Princess Superstar F**k Me On The Dance Floor Rapster Records