Slam - fabric 09

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Slam is Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle. Synonymous with Glasgow's underground house and techno scene and their sound-searching record label, Soma, the duo have garnered a reputation as international DJs, accomplished recording artists and respected collaborators. During the last decade they have exemplified the DIY-attitude of the British dance scene, combining DJing, producing, A & R, promotion and much besides. Their schedule regularly takes them to clubs worldwide, confirming their status as one of a handful of artists who truly shape their genre.

"This CD reflects our DJing sound in Room 2 at fabric, starting deep and getting gradually more intense towards the end. The last track by Mad Mike of Underground Resistance is just amazing." Slam

'fabric 09: Slam' is a pulse-taking collection of upfront, up-beat body music. Smoothly mixed at breakneck pace, Stuart and Orde keep four-hands-on-decks at all times, pulling in rhythms and throwing down grooves: this is a now-or-never mix - exciting, rush-inducing, forward-looking. Highlights? Try the Dragnet horns of Tony Thomas or Envoy's huge Chi-town groove. There's Slam's own hip injecting dub of Ladytron and Danilo Vigorito's deep spaced sounds. Get tough with Marco Carola's mix of Sven Vath's 'Steel' and Redhead's shriek-beat missile, then ease down with Tulasonic's sub zero soundscape drifting into UR's heart-stealing masterpiece, 'Inspiration'. This is the sound that Slam built.


  1. Tony Thomas Cannibals Soma Recordings
  2. Afro Deep Style Dish Spacecraft Records
  3. John Thomas Working Night Logistic Records
  4. O.C.B. Synchronicity (Spincycle Remix) Automatic Records
  5. Frederik Make Shape (16B Remix) Sexonwax
  6. Envoy Night Moves Soma Recordings
  7. Louis Botella Infinity Camouflage Recordings
  8. Ladytron Seventeen (Slam Dub) Telstar Records
  9. Danilo Vigorito Appendix D Appendix
  10. Danilo Vigorito Soul Genetic Recordings
  11. Secret Society Stolen (Selway Remix) Cable Recordings
  12. Bryan Zentz D Clash (Slam Mix) Intec Records
  13. Oxia Contrast Monoid/UCMG Germany
  14. Marco Bailey Serenity Tortured Records
  15. Sven Vath Steel (Marco Carola Remix) Virgin Music
  16. Redhead Riddles (Tom Hades Remix) MB Elektronics
  17. Dan Corco & Fred Carreira Can't Stop Rotation Records
  18. Tulasonic Sonic Tools Fumakilla
  19. Underground Resistance Inspiration Underground Resistance