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In the late 80's, Stacey Pullen was a club kid getting off on his city's past and present. A few years before, a small group of Detroit residents had pooled their money, knowledge and influences and created a new beat. It merged their industrial landscape's natural sounds with nu-school, European machine music like Kraftwerk, Soft Cell and Tangerine Dream. After a short break to complete his studies, Pullen became a DJ and then a producer. Eventually, he would move Detroit techno forward as purposefully as his mentors had designed it. Like many of his second-wave contemporaries - Carl Craig, Eddie Fowlkes, Blake Baxter - he dragged the template further into the blues and jazz sounds that had filtered through the city from its original slave workforce, re-located from the Deep South in the late 1800's.

"I like trying to take people on a musical journey, which means me playing at least three or four hours. In clubs a lot of people ask 'What are you gonna play tonight?" and I never know... I just play from the heart and I don't categorise it. It's house, techno, broken beat or whatever: if the vibe is right I do it." Stacey Pullen

On his first mix CD for 7 years, Stacey takes us deep between the beats, displaying the unique talent and technique of Detroit's original protege. Cutlab starts with tribal bounce, BB Boogie brings Chic-style call outs, Vibe Residents build a straight-ahead groove and Asad turns Shuffle Heads into a frequency freak-out. Pure Science apes classic Saunderson, Peace Division string a late-night drug vibe, Magoo drowns in hypnotic swirls and Niquid is all wide-eyed vibes. To close, he blends Moodyman's Latin energy, DIY's afro-infused tech-house, Tabass Nocturn's crazed vocoder, Dave Angel's cyclical sounds and Solid Groove's jack-jazz workout.


  1. Cutlab Spacey Bongo Black Flag
  2. BB Boogie I Got It Bitasweet Records
  3. Vibe Residents Ft DragonFly The DJs Calling Defected
  4. Shuffle Heads Roll Call [Asads Silverlining Mix] Fremont
  5. Pure Science Get It Back Black Flag
  6. Peace Division Beatz In Peacez 03 NRK
  7. Magoo Slips Cross Section
  8. Niquid Saxaphobia Defected
  9. Moodyman Music People KDJ
  10. Men With Sticks 3rd Eye JBO
  11. DiY Hold On DiY
  12. OPM The Drum Denote
  13. Dave Angel Catch 2 Rotation
  14. Solid Groove Flookin' Loungin'