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The following has become fact: mixing records is not as important as making records; a resident DJ is less interesting than a guest DJ; creating a compilation isn't as worthy as creating an artist album. Craig Richards disagrees. Being totally committed to hunting exciting new music, to set against a personal, expansive collection, is important. Loathing travelling, turning down huge tours, and playing to a thousand people every weekend in London is interesting. And compilations? They show exactly who you are, what makes you different, so are made with care and intent. Craig removes the just-too-catchy tracks, the ones that may begin to nag you in a month or two. He records live, after planning each mix so it sits perfectly in place, and adds layers of effects and samples (in this case from telephone conversations with his dad). He pitches down the tempo slightly to make it less clubby and designs all of the artwork to make it more personal. This is his second solo mix CD following "Fabric 01" in November 2001. He's also made two other Tyrant albums with Lee Burridge.

"I never meant Tyrant to be just Lee and I. It's important to represent what we do as individuals, as for the most part we play separately. I am at Fabric every week and Lee travels a great deal. So it felt perfectly natural to work alone. "

CD1 is dancefloor re-creation, sixteen addictive, inventive tracks to get into your head and under your skin. Gone are peak-time highs and lights-down lows. This is laptops dancing: subtle, shape-shifting patterns over bright, precise percussion. Check metallic melodies, electric grooves, crystal chimes and strung-out loops. Hear kooky chords, lazy vocals, Latin hooks and backwards beats. There's echo and stutter, dub-drenched bass, cocaine rushes and ecstasy waves. Showcasing an exciting new breed of electronic artists, CD1 is a smooth, night-drive soundtrack of the freshest 4/4 around. Music to get into and get down to.

Craig's cut-up eclectic mix has its roots in radio. In the seventies he became a Peel devotee, waking in the night with headphone chord around his neck. Fifteen years later he passed time as a Night Watchman with Coldcut's seminal show on then-pirate station, Kiss. And until the station's closure last year, he fronted an experimental show for Internet broadcaster Groovetech. Selecting and programming as much as beat-matching, it's a tribute to the direct, personal, airwave experience and a fast, fresh throwback to Craig's earliest DJing encounters.

CD2 is headphone recreation; twenty-one cuts of abstract dance, made to provoke and built to last. It features offbeat stunners, downbeat slammers, spy film strings and low-slung loops. There's desktop hip hop, a trip through electro, paranoid percussion and crazed, shattered beats. Music to trip out and break down to.


  1. Minimal Man Six Of One Part One Trellik 8
  2. Falko Brockspier Other Planets Triebstroff
  3. Seafoam Vibes Guidance
  4. Carsten Jost W.U.O (Eight Miles High Mix) Ladomat
  5. MIA River Trapez
  6. Jeremy Caulfield Face The Flames WMF
  7. John Shannanigans Charlies On The Dancefloor Cynosure
  8. Weltzwei Expander Sender
  9. Pantytec Elasobabe (Soul Capsule Remix) Perlon
  10. Luciano And Quennum Orange Mistake Cadenza
  11. Sieg Uber Die Sonne You'll Never Come Back (Villalobos Mix) Multicolour
  12. Mirwais Sangin Athan Dance Phictiv
  13. Bang Goes Ep No 5 Bruchstuecke
  14. Michael Mayer Pensum Kompakt
  15. Morane Think Perlon
  16. Ada Lucky Charm Areal
  17. CD2

    Brownman Greenman Words Humble
  18. Jimi Tenor Muchmo Warp
  19. Supersoul Nice Daze Metatronik
  20. Morgan Geist Food And Fuel Environ
  21. Joakim Minimum Of Life Versatile
  22. Chicks On Speed Frequent Flyer Lounge Song (Kreidler Remix) Chicks On Speed
  23. Fastgraph Systematic Klakson
  24. J/V/N Machine Unknown Trust
  25. Texas Put Your Arms Around Me (2LoneS Remix) Universal
  26. Voicestealer Undercover Subvert
  27. D.I.E. Programming Clone
  28. Ectomorph Dada It Future
  29. Scape One Programme Sequence Temple Dog
  30. Dettinger Tottentanz Kompakt
  31. Push Button Objects Hustlin Chocolate Industries
  32. Anthony Shakir On That Tip Klang
  33. Dabrye Smoking That Edge Ghostly International
  34. The Octagon Man Chromozoid Fly DC Recordings
  35. Air Liquide Knifflige Fraggen Label Unknown
  36. The Warlock Silence Is Defeat Rag And Bone
  37. X- Plain Whip Alphabet City