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Global Communication - fabric 26 CD

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Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard met around 1991. Tom was working with Richard James (Aphex Twin), learning the skills of sampling and producing. Mark was busy making techno under the name Reload, and had set up a record label having made some cash on a novelty rave track. The trio collaborated in 1993 on the 'Collection of Short Stories' album, soon after which Tom and Mark launched Global Communication. In 1995, they released the album '76:14', a milestone release in electronic music's history, recently re-released to, and well received by, a new generation of collectors. The name Jedi Knights was introduced to present a more beats-driven project in the same year, but it was withdrawn in 1999 at the request of a displeased George Lucas. Tom and Mark have established fine solo careers, the former as Cosmos and AMBA AV, the latter as Harmonic 33 and Troubleman.

"With Mark in Sydney and me in London, doing a mix in and finishing it in just a few weeks was quite a brief! The force was with us and we've done it! Two sections that neatly blend together representing our shared love of emotive deep grooves, future funk, soulful and jazzy vibes, showcasing artists who inspire and motivate us through their classy, honest productions." Global Communication

fabric 26 is a polished selection from two of electronic music?s most accomplished producers. It flows through the newest directions in hip hop, a mash up of broken and deep house, techno and electro styles, to the final, exclusive downtempo track from Tom Middleton. As AMBA, he shows his latest direction: a love of aural elegance, simplicity, melody and harmony in keeping with the tradition of Global Communication; pure emotion in sound.