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Mattew Dear as Audion - fabric 27

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Slick, varied production - under his own name and the aliases Jabberjaw, False and Audion - relentless touring, and the backing of Ann Arbor's super-industrious Ghostly International label have made 27-year-old Texan Matthew Dear part of electronic music's elite. Recording on Perlon, M_nus and Ghostly offshoot Spectral Sound, he spans a multitude of sub genres, none accurately capturing his style. He was named 'Artist of the Year' by agenda-setting music title XLR8R in 2004, his music was described as "interesting and sexy" by Q, and even America's mainstream media realised something was stirring; after 2003's Leave Luck to Heaven LP and its 'little brother', 2004's Backstroke, Matthew featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone. This Audion project follows last October's Suckfish LP ("pure baby-making genius," XLR8R; "a landmark release," Mixmag).

"This mix was a labour of love. The club holds such a high place in my heart and I tried to capture the different corridors a listener can take when there. Sometimes you will hear harder music in one room and walk across the club to another room for deeper, more twisted music. I wanted the mix to reflect the diversity of a Saturday night at fabric." Matthew Dear as Audion

On fabric 27, Matthew has pushed the generally established limits of a compilation, taking parts from various tracks and splicing them together to make new ones. Continually shifting in shape, packed with polyrhythms and drenched in detail, it does many things at once, warping dimensions and growing in personality with every listen. Full of unexpected sounds, recurring themes and ingenious ideas, it moves from subtle through crazed to ecstatic. Like most things it's best in the dark, though Matthew recommends playing it loudly in a car. Techno was once a faceless music designed to hit you over the head. Now, small-scale superstars like Matthew Dear make it to seep into your subconscious. And like anything designed to shift your reality, it can be highly addictive.

1a Audion – Off First
1b Mikael Stavöstrand – Mosquito Morpher
2 Lee Curtiss – Ketamine Christmas
3 Robag Wruhme – Wortkabular (Luciano Remix)
4 Mikael Stavöstrand – Body Control
5a Butane – How Low Can You Go
5b Audion – Saks
5c Yamo – I Was A Robot (Jean F. Cochois' Timewriter Remix)
6 Ruede Hagelstein – Keep Us Away
7 Sweet 'n Candy – Tacky Wakeup
8 Billy Dalessandro – Come With Me (Jon Gaiser Remix)
9 Claude VonStroke – Deep Throat
10 Ali Khan – Waterbomb
11 Argy – A Rhino In A Glass Shop
12a Body Code – Equidistant
12b Ali Khan – Fudgebuster Beat
12c René Breitbarth – Thank You
13a Audion – Just A Man
13b Audion – Nothing
14 Robert Babicz – Battlestar
15 Âme – Rej
16 Seth Troxler – Blackclap
17 Ricardo Villalobos – Chromosul
18a Vegetable Orchestra – Ciboulette (Luciano Remix)
18b Audion – Off Third