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Luke Slater - fabric 32

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There's little any fan of electronic music can do or say to challenge the fever that surrounds revered techno pioneer Luke Slater. Almost like an enfant terrible to the scene, he's constantly producing and performing music that remains beyond all things relevant and above all things refreshing. And that's no mean feat to still be breathing life into soundsystems the globe over, having had his foot in the musical waters for many years. So like the advice of a trusted friend, Luke's sultry party mix 'fabric 32' guides you knowingly through some of the most hot-tipped tracks from the likes of Carl Craig, Audion, Switch, Spank Rock and The Juan Maclean. Sage sounds indeed. Weighted more so knowing that Luke recorded the mix in fabric Room 2 one chilly November afternoon - a first for the fabric series. But Luke wanted more than anything to directly relate his history of performances at the venue to the mix. He really wanted to capture the vibe that he feels only that space can herald.

"This mix is a true representation of what I play there [at fabric]. I wanted to do the main part down at the club to get that vibe right from the club. It's kind of a funky punk disco electronic mix and specifically related to fabric. I'm excited. The place really is quite special, they put in a lot of effort and I have many, many emotions attached to Room 2. Before fabric, I don't think there was really a big club in London that had done it right. The sound's so good in there. It's a really good place to be and it's really popular with the right crowd. You put all those together and you can't really beat it. " Luke Slater

Luke's been a favourite of fabric's for a long time. His platform as one of the creators of UK-Detroit's techno marriage, blending the intensity of techno's hardest funk and minimal flavours with the sweet swagger and chunky bristle of a fat street party, established much of the music fabric programs week-in, week-out. While always returning under his own moniker, his releases under the aliases Slots For Bill, 7th Plain, The, Clementine, Deputy Dawg, L.B. Dub Corp, Lloyd Owes Me A Packet, Morganistic, Offset, Planetary Assault Systems, Translucent, Heamaglobien, Machine, Re-Animator, and Spinach continue to arrest the zeitgeist's understanding of his form. Even more so now with the mottos operandi of his beloved independent label, Mote-Evolver, allowing fans access to his sound - techno that's driving, majestic, tough and, above all, unpredictable - with an immediacy that only our instant- gratification digital generation can appreciate: fans can download his studio creations the very second they're finished.



1. L.B.Dub Corp - Rhythm Division - Mote-Evolver
2. Colin Zyskowski - For The Asking - ADDON
3. Sleeparchive - Transposition Reverse - Sleeparchive
4. Guy J and Sahar Z - Hazui (Gui Boratto Remix) - Electribe
5. Markus Lange - Ruhestörung Plattenbau - Craft Music
6. Tres Demented –Brain Freeze – Planet E
7. Putsch ‘79 – Doin’ It - Clone
8. Switch - A Bit Patchy (Club Mix) - Data
9. Luke Slater - Organ Bender (Alone At The Altar of Twisted Souls Mix) - Mote-Evolver
10. Tres Demented- She’z Satan Inst. - Planet E
11. Shakes - Sister Self Doubt - Hot Hot Hot
12. Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix) – Ninja Tune
13. Luke Slater - She Showed Me Heaven - Mote-Evolver
14. Raudive – Here (Len’s Podium Remix) - Podium
15. Audion - Mouth To Mouth – Ghostly International
16 The Juan Maclean - Love Is In The Air (Mock & Toof Remix) - DFA
17. Perspects – Strap – Interdimensional Transmissions
18. Activator - Doctor Gato (Plus 4 Reasons) – International Deejay Gigolo
19. Jürgen Driessden - The Message - Mutekki
20. Martin Buttrich - Full Clip - Planet E
21. Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/II – Basic Channel
22. Planetary Assault Systems - GT (Version 2) - Mote-Evolver