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Marco Carola - fabric 31

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Growing up alongside a friend whose father ran the music scene in Napoli, the majority of Carola's youth was spent living in studios and nightclubs so it didn't take long before he purchased his own turntables from the local disco. Despite playing residencies at the big Italo house and disco clubs, often entrancing over 3000 Neapolitan hedonists, his curiosity was captivated by the rise of the next movement: techno. He purchased a few samplers and started banging out productions at an unruly pace, going on to establish his own label, Design Music. With a strain of techno completely unknown to the rest of the city, there was no other outlet for his beats. The label kicked off to a strong start including collaborations with Adam Beyer and Masters at Work.

The next stop was Frankfurt, where the dynamic sound he'd cultivated was met with enthusiasm. Covering techno in all subgenres but maintaining an exceptional standard of quality and innovation, Carola was also playing a balancing act with his many labels - Design, 1000, Zenit and Question. 2004 saw the launches of Do.Mi.No, Domestic Minimal Noise.

"I think my style's always been changing. I started with house music, I went tribal techno, and now I can say I play more minimal techno. I can say that I've never really been going through trends. But the old crowd seems to accept the new sound - when I'm sampling minimal, it doesn't mean I'm sampling boring minimal; I always keep my funky side. The last few years for me have been...well, I'm playing what I really, really like. Always when I play, I bear the audience in mind; but even I never know what to expect. " Marco Carola

Marco Carola redefines his style once again on his first-ever DJ mix release, fabric 31: a shuffling, playful, tangible projection of where techno is headed. With elegantly intricate beats and an enchanting energy rarely seen outside of an afterparty, Marco builds and moulds a fascinating, imaginative mix that is as much aimed at the dancefloor as it is at the head. Kicking off with no hesitation, the mix is a pounding, twisting tour into the unknown; impelled by bass-driven funk that's stripped down to devastatingly beautiful simplicity. fabric 31 clicks in and out of bleeding mixes so smooth and swift the entire 73 minutes feel like one continual, mesmerizing track. Forging the path for some of the slickest producers in the scene, this cleverly structured mix rewards all techno fans for their patience.

01 Matt John - Io
02 ErikOtanabE - Eclat and Prudo (Alfa Romero Rmx)
03 Chris Carrier - Sure Shot
04 Marek Bois - You Got Good Ash (Gabriel Ananda Rmx)
05 Fusiphorm - I! (Someone Else Rmx)
06 Timo Anttila - Nakuta
07 Barem - Cilindro
08 Mathias Kaden - Snowman
09 Paco Osuna - Cretine
10 Fraktion - Acidrop
11 Marc Houle - Kicker
12 Audio Werner - Onandon Be
13 Dolly La Parton - Whenever
14 Microfunk aka 2000 and One and Dave Ellesmere - Pecan
15 Details - Change
16 Dario Zenker - newbe (Heartthrob’s are u gay Remix)
17 Ernie - Escarabajos
18 Alex Smoke - Plunder