Ellen Allien - fabric 34

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The world is Ellen Allien's canvas, and what a colourful picture she paints. Thriving on imagination and inspiration, the Berliner is continually shifting shapes and blossoming under an impressive variety of creative lights. Whether she's producing music that challenges the electronic world, or adhering to her globe-encompassing DJing schedule, managing the phenomenal BPitch Control, or designing for her unique fashion label - Ellen Allien is artistically infinite.


She began carving a path for herself after the Berlin wall came down and her beloved city opened wide to new possibilities, including the innovative techno beat that got the East and West dancing together. After her days as a disillusioned hip hopper, she was instantly hooked by techno and began a love affair with electronic music. Berlin, a city praised and celebrated for its artistic freedom, is the perfect place for a visionary like Ellen to flourish, and she wears her love of the city on her sleeve - album sleeves included. Her first artist album 'Stadtkind' ('City Child') was a tender journey into the realms of self-exploration, and her second, 'Berlinette,' gracefully experimented with digital recording, vocals and instrumentation. 'Thrills,' one of her most distinctive and influential albums, was followed by her wondrous collaboration with Shitkatapult's Apparat (Sascha Ring), 'Orchestra Of Bubbles.' Her remixes have seen her working with inventive likeminded artists, including Thom Yorke, Troy Pierce, Kate Wax and Beck. When not busy in the studio with her expressive music that still has yet to be aptly described ('electech' is the word she uses herself), Ellen is sourcing new sounds for the ever-thriving BPitch or for the many dance floors around the world that thrive on her ingenuity.

"I wanted to do an analogue mix, by hand. I used my favourite records of last year and the newest ones. I like analogue! And I like to hear how one has to manipulate the mix until it's tight. I like the mix because to me it's the ideal club mix that I personally would like to hear in a club. It's also a nice memory for me - I can remember every record being played by myself in a club. And when I now listen to the mix I can recall all the great moments." Ellen Allien

With fabric 34, Ellen Allien has created a work of art that is both timely and timeless. Every record is a complete experience in itself and this seductive mix hole shines bright with a powerful synergy. Moving and evocative, Ellen Allien has attributed human elements to the infallibly machine-like. Similar to how she manages to find pop sensibilities in the most unpopular ideas, the mix combines as many different sounds as it does contradictory elements: the music wraps warmly around speakers sounding raw yet delicate, playful yet rigorous, touchable yet entirely intangible.


  1. Schubert S1 [Don't Believe The Chord - Pop Hype] Statik
  2. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White The Sun Can't Compare [Long Version] Alleviated
  3. Estroe Driven [Jamie Jones' Pacific Mix] Connaisseur Superieur
  4. Damian Schwartz Tu Y Yo (Peros Nos Volvemos A Levantar) (Pilas Remix) Mupa
  5. Don Williams Orderly Kaos a.r.t.less
  6. Melodyboy 2000 Sound Stealer Futuro
  7. Artificial Latvamaki It Is Not Now Either Mezzotinto
  8. Cobblestone Jazz India In Me Wagon Repair
  9. Roman Flugel Mutter Klang
  10. Ø Aaltovaihe Sakho
  11. Thom Yorke Harrowdown Hill XL
  12. Ellen Allien Just A Woman Bpitch Control
  13. Ben Klock Journey Bpitch Control
  14. Heartthrob Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix) M_nus
  15. Apparat Arcadia Random Noize