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Mark Farina - fabric 40

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Music has ruled Mark Farina's every step since his days in a marching band playing trumpet, which blurred into wild nights stomping around hardcore and punk shows. Eventually persuading his parents to allow him to ditch the brass bugle and bring a drum set into the house, Mark held the beat down for a New Wave alternative cover band reworking The The, The Smiths, The Cure, Front 242 and Ministry.


Mark celebrated his first solo DJ gig at the Chicagoan underage mecca, Medusa's, at the age of 16. With Chicago being such a close-knit scene, Mark rubbed shoulders with many of the scene innovators at Gramaphone, "a huge record store in Chicago, everybody worked there at some point - Derrick Carter, Ralphie Rosario, J Dub, DJ Heather - we're all a big family." Before long his residency at Medusa's moved over to one of Chicago's most seminal nightclubs, Smartbar. Mark joined minds and rooms with emerging DJs Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka, living in a loft space they fondly called "Rednail". Named off the back of Carter's Rednail Kidz productions, the loft took on a life of its own and became home for raucous parties and their first productions, and inspired their phone number (R-E-D-N-A-I-L). Producing under the moniker Symbols & Instruments, the synergistic trio's most famous production is credited as the first ambient house tune, the KMS classic 'Mood'.

"When making the mix, I played a sort of fictitious set at fabric on a night that doesn't exist. Musically, I tried to capture the techy, jackin' Chicago/SF side of the house spectrum - dubby, chunky tracks. I tried to pick tunes from all over the world. I picked a good variation of underground goodies, a lot of which are unreleased or hopefully not on any other compilations. Tracks that have a good "shelf life" but that aren't proven hits; hidden gems that might go over looked in this fast paced music era." Mark Farina

Fusing the laid-back vibes of San Francisco and the jackin' sounds of Chicago, bringing the Midwest and West coast to some kind of smooth, sunny middle ground, Mark Farina takes fabric 40 by the helm and steers it down an astonishing, picturesque route. Mixed lovingly by hand, this buoyant, essential summer soundtrack swells and melds with the head-nodding sounds of Derrick Carter, JT Donaldson & Uneaq, DJ Sneak and King Kooba.


1. Giom - Together [Amenti]
2. Chuck Love - Yellow Truth (Atnarko Mix) [Onethirty Recordings]
3. JT Donaldson & Uneaq - Why Not Rock ? [Uneaq]
4. Ricardo Rae - Lead The Way [So Sound]
5. John Larner & Slater Hogan - Gettin' Ready [Muzique Boutique]
6. Inland Knights - Where Ya At ? [Drop Music]
7. Homero Espinosa - Got This Feeling (LNS Disco Dub) [Yerba Buena Discos]
8. Alexander East - Believe En Me [Nordic Trax]
9. Frank Solano - The Blues Line (Tommy Largo Remix) [Kolour Recordings Digital]
10. Kris G - Feel My Love (Bobby Valentine Remix) [Union Recordings]
11. Non Believers - Stasera [Hudd Traxx]
12. Johnny Fiasco - Last Word [Dae Recordings]
13. Mood II Swing - Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix) [King Street Sounds]
14. James Curd - Pick Up What I'm Putting Down [A Second Smell]
15. Rylan White Ft. Olly Brunton - There Goes The Neighbourhood [All House Music]
16. Lawnchair Generals - Broke Acid [LCG Music]
17. Jeremy Joshua - Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix) [Digital Disco]
18. DJ Sneak - Mumbler [Blu Funk Productions]
19. Prztz - Brutality [Jamanta Crew]
20. Mark Farina - Das Shibuya (Cheeba Mix) [Great Lakes Audio]
21. King Kooba - Hoose Musik [King Kooba]