Luciano - fabric 41

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There is something both free and passionate, yet also clinical and methodical about Luciano's music which onlookers always suggest is a reaction to him moving from Switzerland to Santiago, Chile when he was about 11 or 12. The suggestion that his music is directly correlated to those worlds colliding is not necessarily obtuse. Minimal, deep techno and scientific electro merge with southern rhythms and colourful melodies to form the identity of his music. His career beginnings were in promoting Sense Club and Encuentros con la Technocultura in Santiago Chile hanging out with other local creative initiators like Senor Coconut aka Atom Heart, Washington Miranda, Microman, Dandy Jack and brother Adrian Schopf. Later Luciano's collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos, Pier Bucci and Argenix Brito have resulted in some of the techno's most cherished music and performances that have spanned labels like Cadenza, Mental Groove Records, Transmat, Perlon, Lo-Fi Stereo, Bruchstuecke and Klang Elektronik.

"I try to use also a lot of tools, some elements that I can put in and put out, so it's more like a composition, but it's still very tough to make a mix feel right. I took a very dance-approach and I tried to make a sort of crescendo, music-wise. It starts a little bit deeper with fewer elements and slowly it modifies and modulates into something more charged and more rhythmic." Luciano

People become innately dedicated to Luciano, likening his work to almost friend-like fond memories than just pieces of music or sets in venues the world over. Trying to house the spirit of this, his freedom with symmetry, his minimal swollen with groove, trying to piece that into a mix for fabric 41 was something that Luciano put a great deal of reflective consideration into, to encapsulate and stay true to his own beautiful sound in such compact medium.


  1. Rhadoo Slagare Cadenza Records
  2. Brothers' Vibe El Baile [Acapella] Som Underground
  3. D'Julz Yo Momo Intacto Records
  4. Los Updates Ft. Luciano Getting Late [Luciano's Getting Late Remix] Candenza Records
  5. Reboot Be Tougher Cadenza Records
  6. Alex Picone Floppy Cadenza Records
  7. Sety Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) Circus Company
  8. Johnny D Orbitalife Oslo Records
  9. Julien Jabre Jungle Beatz Defected
  10. M83 In Church Gooom Disques
  11. Inner City Good Love [Luciano Remix] KMS
  12. Phuture Rise From Your Grave [Tiefschwarz Remix] Strictly Rhythm
  13. Schneider, Galluzzi Albertino Cadenza Records
  14. D'Julz So You Know Ovum
  15. Kenny Larkin You Are Original Planet E
  16. Chymera Arabesque Tishomingo