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Ame - fabric 42

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Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann (collectively known as Âme) were born in Karlsruhe, South Germany. Kristian grew up in Mannheim whilst Frank remained in Karlsruhe. Even now despite the electronic music world's current migration to Berlin, they both agree Karlsruhe is still the city for them to continue their musical journey. Frank spent his early days exploring the vast worlds of jazz and contemporary classical music, immersed in piano lessons with very encouraging and open-minded music teachers. While he tinkered away in Karlsruhe, Kristian meanwhile in Mannheim was too busy shirking his guitar lessons in order to play football and collect records. The latter hobby paid off when at 25 whilst taking a civil engineering degree; Kristian had the opportunity to open a record shop with a friend. Having moved back to Karlsruhe to study, it was only a matter of time before Frank, the like-minded electronically inclined record collector began frequenting Kristian's shop.

"During the course of production, our sound changes so much, depending on what music we are listening to, what mood we're in, what the others are doing. I own a record shop so I can see what's going on at the moment in the electronic music scene. Going through all of these influences brings us always to some point. I hope it will still always sound like us, but maybe it's different to records we did before. It's a constant evolving process" Âme

On fabric 42, Âme twist in and out of shades, shapes and chromatics to create a kaleidoscopic blend of electronics and infectious grooves. Here Ame have created their own soundscape with a diamond-studded cast, which breathes a magical soundtrack to the last days of summer and beyond.

01. Linkwood – Hear The Sun
02. Even Tuell – Untitled B1
03. Minilogue & KAB - That’s A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback
(Wighnomy Brothers Quintenzirkel Remikks)
04. Jens Zimmerman – Moddodblubbblub
xx. Moondog - Moondog Monologue
05. Mixworks – Berlin Dub
06. Armando – Don’t Take It (Thomos Edit)
07. STL – Something Is Raw
08. Edward Ft. Justus– Raw Structure
xx. Those Guys Ft Ras Baraka – An American Poem
09. 76-79 – Six Ten
10. Henrik Schwartz/Âme/Dixon – D.P.O.M.B (Version 1)
11. Matthew Styles – We Said Nothing
12. KB Project – The Symphony
13. Gowentgone - M.A.M. (Marcel Dettmann Remix)/Broken Compass – Australiapella 2
14. LFO vs Fuse – Loop (Fuse Mix) – Plus 8