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Metro Area - fabric 43 CD

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Some musical partnerships seem to require a leap of faith or a suspension of our collective disbelief; others like Brooklyn-based Metro Area (Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani) progress so naturally that the synergy almost seems fated. Although both listened to pop RnB/electro of the mid 80s growing up in quiet pockets of the East coast (Darshan in Poughkeepsie, New York and Morgan in New Jersey), they independently found themselves drawn to synthesizers and the techy side of producing long before they discovered one another. As Morgan and Darshan migrated towards equally remote areas of America for college and gradually coaxed releases from the closed confines of their dorms (Morgan even started his label, Environ, in his dorm room), they simultaneously lived their formative years feeling somewhat misunderstood and misplaced musically. It's a sentiment that's rung true from when they met each other on email lists in the days before internet forums through their early days when the two first teamed up as an avant-garde, creatively unbound production/DJ team.

"It's a really mixed bag of music, but it's all really groovy stuff. There's some not so obvious disco, there's some sort of really spare and weird NY house tracks - we had to figure out how to make it cohesive. We did a few of our own custom deep tracks and made some little drum tracks and little mixing utilities to throw in there as well..." Metro Area

fabric 43, an artistically arranged and brightly coloured journey through Metro Area's vast record collections, remains as reflective as it is forward-thinking. Metro Area deliver a peerless jam-packed mix of Easy Street dance classics like World Premiere's 'Share The Night' through to 80's club hits 'Work For Love' by Ministry, with a generous helping of disco and boogie anthems and electropop output from the likes of Premiere Class. Poppy and infectious, retro and yet timeless, fabric 43 dazzles with uplifting dancefloor gold.