Claude VonStroke - fabric 46

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Sometimes life moves in mysterious ways. Take, for instance, Barclay Crenshaw, aka super-producer and dirtybird/mothership boss Claude VonStroke. How could he, as a rap-obsessed 16 year old dreaming of an engineering job at Metroplex (Juan Atkins’ studio) in Detroit, expect that someday he’d end up headlining gigs alongside Atkins? The same could be said about his days as a frustrated creative working in post-production houses, when he began creating an electronic music documentary by interviewing internationally-renowned DJs. He never could’ve predicted that one day, rather ironically, he’d be in the opposite chair: the world-famous DJ being interviewed. Cleveland-born, Detroit-raised, San Francisco-based Barclay Crenshaw has been fuelled by happy accidents and a contagious, happy-go-lucky attitude in general. He’s living proof that everything happens for a reason, even if everything might seemingly happen at the wrong time. Ask him about his novelty rap tapes as a teenager, or his time in Hollywood that ended with his song being pulled from a blockbuster movie, or his short-lived drum & bass career that ended in a disheartening electrical disaster. There were many reasons for Barclay to think that his musical fate was doomed, but it took a "surprise" production (and the meeting of a likeminded spirit, Justin Martin) to convince him otherwise.

"Everything is really tailored; the tracks aren’t really the tracks, it is all cut up, chopped and twisted. It’s challenging to do a project that has to say everything in such a small time frame because I play a lot of genres. So I worked hard on getting all the different sounds that I really dig into one mix." Claude VonStroke

Taking the characteristic bump of dirtybird/mothership, including the fresh sounds of Italoboyz and Voodeux, and merging it with the likes of Troy Pierce’s stripped-back precision and the melancholic grace of Stimming, fabric 46 is the eccentric, animated, wide-ranging sound of Claude VonStroke embodied. Always maintaining a sense of humour throughout, and projecting his playful personality into each transition and groove, it vividly captures the feel of his often imitated - but never replicated - bubbly bass-driven style. Tricked out and chopped up to perfection, the 22+ tracks hold on to a tangible underlying motif throughout: for lack of a better word, fun. Arranged with such artistic dexterity, fabric 46 swells and pulses with womps, stomps, climbing basslines and slippery beats; sounds collected from across the electronica map, all housed stylistically on one immaculate disc. At times the mix will make you laugh out loud; other times you’ll find yourself disarmingly spellbound; other times still, you may even close your eyes in a delicate daydream – but most of all, the point is to make you move. So, as DJ Deeon says: "Shake what your momma gave ya."


  1. Ekkohaus Ft. Mensa The Healer Morris Audio
  2. Ekkohaus Ft. R. Wurz Cry Baby Morris Audio
  3. Claude VonStroke & Bootsy Collins Yabadabadooza dirtybird
  4. Rob Van Valen Trampen Frankie
  5. Holger Zilske Mes Yeux Playhouse
  6. Roman Salanger
  7. Detroit Grand Puhbas Big Onion (Joakim Remix) Pokerflat
  8. DJ Deeon Shake It Databass
  9. Stimming After Eight Dynamic
  10. Peter Lauer Free Entry for Girls (Robag Whrume's Drikkibass Remix) Punkt
  11. Voodeux Just A Spoonful mothership
  12. Italoboyz Bla Bla Bla mothership
  13. Varislove feat DOP. nside Ways (Boris Werner. Remix) Supplemental Facts
  14. Kiki Immortal (Instrumental Dub) BPitch Control
  15. Marc Houle Dirty Dirty M_nus
  16. Xpansul & Daweed Pilsnerd True Type
  17. Clara Moto Silently Ft. Mimu Infine
  18. Dinamoe Maceo Alpaca
  19. James Braun Symphonia Tartelet
  20. Donk Boys One Tooth Missing Frankie
  21. Robag Wruhme Guppipepitsche Freude Am Tanzen
  22. ICS Espagnol dirtybird
  23. Catz 'n Dogz SF mothership
  24. Markus Schatz Running Highgrade
  25. Marc Miroir Kraft Paso Music
  26. Stimming One Weekend Dynamic
  27. Claude VonStroke Aundy dirtybird