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Radio Slave - fabric 48

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Anyone can construct a track, and lay out its elements in all the right places - have the bassline kick just here, or the percussion build right there - but only a select few can actually design one. It comes as no surprise that Matt Edwards is a graphic designer and artist by trade, as a visual thread runs colourfully through his sonics, rhythms and arrangements. Shaped by the groove, and ever leaning on an uplifting hypnotic lilt, every production that falls under the spell of Edwards becomes certified dancefloor gold. But success has never taken away from his prolificacy, nor his endless sense of reinvention - over the last eight years, Matt Edwards has been morphing and expanding under a variety of names: Quiet Village, Sea Devils, Matthew E, Rekid and of course his most famed name, Radio Slave.

"It's a mix of new and old tracks, something that people outside of the dance music snoberity would enjoy! I just wanted this mix to be a true reflection of my DJ sets, so I tried to capture the vibe of what I've been playing over the last year, and expose listeners to the kind of sets that I play at fabric. The club has the best sound system in the UK and this gives me the opportunity to really stretch out tracks and experiment with different sounds and atmospheres. Tracks like "La Mezcla" have been in my record box for well over 6 months but it's still a track that's a great pleasure to play, plus there's two new tracks from me, an amazing track from Boola and Nergu and an unreleased song by Rekids latest signing Nina Kraviz. All in all, a modern mix of electronic sounds from around the globe!" Radio Slave

On fabric 48, like any Radio Slave production, the devil is in the details. Unlike a typical DJ mix that crams as much as possible into a relentlessly full tracklist, Radio Slave strips back and grooves with only 13 productions, each as incandescent and hypnotic as the next. This is no quick-fix mix, fabric 48 slow-burns each beat and sizzles with a crisp sense of timelessness. All tracks are elegantly drawn out and pulled in directions unknown, creating drama through the smallest effects and bringing back the feel of classic DJ experimentation from the heyday of Larry Levan. Designing soundscapes that breed rich, deep tones and colourful percussive builds, the mix tours tempos and glows with Cadenza's Michel Cleis, the tech-laced grace of 2000 & One, plus exclusives and re-edits from Radio Slave's own unstoppable Rekids imprint.

01. Baeka - Right At It (Michel Cleis Deeper Remix)
02. Radio Slave - DDB // Cabin Fever
03. Radio Slave - I Don’t Need A Cure For This
04. Dance Disorder - My Time (Radio Slave’s Rekids Tribe Remix)
05. Brothers’ Vibe - Platter Sugar
06. Spencer Parker - The Beginning (Michel Cleis Remix)
07. Nina Kraviz - Pain In The Ass
08. DJ Boola - Balada Redo // Cabin Fever
09. Radio Slave - Koma Koma (Steve Lawler Remix)
10. Spencer Parker - My Heart (Daniel Sanchez Easy Noise Remix)
11. Michel Cleis ft. Totó La Momposina - La Mezcla
12. 2000 & One - Wan Poku Moro
13. Nate William’s Club Patrol 'Maximum Overload' (Roy’s Death Wish Mix)