Magda - fabric 49

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Being a key member of the worshipped Minus family, Magda is used to being propelled into the fast moving, cutting whirr of the hype machine, but she doesn't really pay it any mind. "I'm not really into this hype thing; I think it's kind of silly. What really matters is to develop your own ideas and not make any compromises against yourself. Even if there's big hype - or if it isn't cool anymore - as long as I'm happy and stay interested and things inspire me, then it doesn't matter." All overblown hype and needless gender stereotyping aside, she remains one of the most respected artists around the electronic spectrum, and she shrugs it all off with unpretentious charm.

"The mix is inspired by Italian horror film soundtracks from the 70's. I included the band Goblin, who made some very interesting dark disco, with trippy and drawn out psychedelic elements. I wanted to create something dark and groovy with a soundtrack feel to it, where sounds emerge and disappear, creating a spooky atmosphere. I chose tracks which were somewhat experimental along with dance tracks I like. I was very happy to be able to use "Heavy Whispers" by Yello because they are one of the most interesting bands for me. They had the ability to combine very different sounds and make some of my favorite new wave/electro/disco tracks ever. I also used a lot of unreleased tracks from producers whom I?ve met online and received demos from. It's nice to be able to support younger artists and their sound when I can." Magda

And that same ethos is audible in her latest tour de force, fabric 49, a thumping trip into the otherworldly that breeds a rare feel of mystique and discovery, without ever compromising the groove. Crafted with meticulous detail and loving precision, it carries the weight of any Magda DJ set: intricate 4/4 licks that are bass-laden to devastating effect. Dramatic sounds and eccentric basslines carry the fast-moving, multilayered mix through the rising swells of Circlesquare, the haunting vocals of Luciano, the chilling chords and offbeat pop elements of her kindred spirits at Minus (Gaiser, Marc Houle and Heartthrob), and the funk-filled soundscapes of Magda's own productions. A watertight compilation that brims with lively character, and skitters with Magda's personal touches and effects, fabric 49 is a reminder of how rarely DJs truly break the mould. A mix CD with as much artistry, perfection and vision as an original album.


  1. Goblin Al Margini Della Follia Cinevox Records
  2. Bostro Pesopeo Falls [Hercules & Love Affair Remix] Permanent Vacation
  3. Marc Houle Voices m-nus
  4. Circlesquare Non-Revival Alarm !K7
  5. Gaiser mfnstmp m-nus
  6. Magda At The Gate m-nus
  7. Artem Folevski Emporung (Original Mix) Unreleased
  8. Groupshow It's Not Just Country Birds That Are Attracted [To The Blue Glass Bird Bath] ~Scape
  9. Cristian Vogel Mungo [Original] Snork
  10. Magda Draculan Love Attack m-nus
  11. Goblin Buio Omega [Alternate] Cinevox Records
  12. Magda Moroder's Revenge m-nus
  13. Catorze Luscofusco Bloop
  14. Marc Houle Deep Sea m-nus
  15. Heartthrob Miss Pig m-nus
  16. Robert Babicz Chordy Systematic
  17. Madato The Night's Rumors Unreleased
  18. Click Box Bad Fish (Magda Edit) m-nus
  19. Boosty Telescope Unreleased
  20. Artem Folevski Guido (Original Mix) Unreleased
  21. Isomer Transition San Pellegrino Io Records
  22. Hobo 23:59 m-nus
  23. Luciano Saulitude Cadenza Split Composition
  24. Marc Houle Profounding m-nus
  25. Yello Heavy Whispers Universal
  26. Heartthrob 101 Loop m-nus
  27. Farben Aufschlag/Abschlag Klang Elektronik
  28. Hobo Mobius Trip m-nus
  29. Droors Blue Unreleased
  30. Arsenal The Coming (Idjut Boys Version 2) Playout
  31. Jimmy Edgar Beat Squared Unreleased
  32. Jan Jelinek Tierbeobachtungen (Live Played By Anne Westphalen & Peter Ley) ~scape