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DJ T. - fabric 51

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The life of a true music lover is a divine mixture of beauty and obsession, dedication and impulse; and there are very few who can be fairly categorised as a true music lover more than Thomas Koch, aka DJ T. His list of accolades and contributions to electronic music are irrefutable, indelible and seemingly endless. There's his editing and publishing work in the periodical world: founding Groove Magazine in 1989 and remaining its publisher and author for 15 years (Groove remains one of the longest running - 20 years and counting - and most respected dance music periodicals in the world). There were his projects with other likeminded souls: co-founding the legendary Monza club night in 1999 (now an Ibiza landmark) with close friend Patrik Dechent; and co-founding the triumphant Get Physical imprint with M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade in 2002, which has grown to be one of the most forward-thinking, consistent and flourishing labels on the electronic map. And that's not forgetting his artistic contributions to the hungry music world; from his imagination-travelling productions (especially last year's critically cheered album, 'The Inner Jukebox') to his smooth DJ sets that shimmy around the globe with an incessant run of tour dates.

"Over the last two years or so, the DJ scene has gone through a huge generational shift. All around me, long-standing DJ veterans are starting to lose interest in spinning their stuff or simply don't feel involved enough anymore to continue with this full-on rigmarole, including the latest batch of related requirements like internet visibility or the digital revolution, to name but a few. Many of the old guard simply can't or don't want to keep up with the change. I, for one, feel like I'm on a massive high and I owe a lot of that to the great success of my last tour. Right now, I love DJing more than ever and there is so much fantastic new music to be discovered that I often find myself wondering which of these gems I should play first... and that's something I hadn't experienced in a long while. A lot has changed in DJ and club culture, and certainly not all of it for the better, but I still manage to find enough that is good and beautiful and that inspires me to carry on" DJ T.

'fabric 51: DJ T.' serves as an unforgettable introduction to one of his astonishing DJ sets, a lively adventure full of sharp twists and unexpected turns. Deep, elegant and swelling, the mix transcends listeners to otherworldly soundscapes with a fantastically diverse ambience - at times sunny and bright, other times wild and mystifying, and always keeping a psychedelic and cinematic feel throughout. Featuring the off-beat spontaneity of dOP, the Latin infused bounce of Matias Aguayo, the percussive retreats of Bodycode - and plenty of hidden gems in-between - fabric 51 is a joy of a listen, a daydream-fuelling hideaway where each track is crammed with as many soul-fuelled moments and intricate charms as the next.

01 dOP - Windshield Wiper Law
02 Michael J Collins - I Just Wanna Be Your Disco Bitch - Wolf + Lamb
03 10Lec6 - Drown Dogs
04 Stuffa - A Million Secrets - (Salax Peep Show Remix) – Trunkfunk
05 Madioko 'n' Rafika - Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix)
06 Danton Eeprom - Give Me Pain
07 Matias Aguayo Ft. Lerato – Pata Pata
08 Ben Mono Feat. Jemeni - Jesus Was A B-Boy (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Remix)
09 Will Saul & Tam Cooper Feat. Ursula Rucker ‘Where Is It?’ (Re-Loved Dub)
10 Dave DK & Holger Zilske Feat. Richard Davis - You Will Find Out
11 Azari & III - Hungry For The Power
12 Wigald Boning - Kobra Dance
13 Soulphiction Feat. International Pony - The Royal Pennekaums (Chocolettes Nervous Mix)
14 DJ Le Roi Ft. Roland Clark – I Get Deep
15 DJ T. – Try To Understand
16 Mujava- Township Funk- Crazy P mix
17 Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Milk & Honey (Basket Mix)
18 Bodycode - Immune
19 Random Factor - Broken Mirror
20 Whomadewho - Keep Me In My Plane [ DJ Koze Hudson River Dub]