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DJ Sneak - fabric 62

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With over 20 years of DJing and more than 20,000 records in his vinyl collection, one of the world’s most talented house heroes, DJ Sneak, lends his tune selection, deck wizardry and pure love of house music to fabric 62. Born Carlos Sosa in Puerto Rico, Sneak was raised to the rhythms of salsa music, before moving to Chicago in 1983, and becoming captivated by the sounds of jazz, funk, soul, disco and of course house music. Originally a graffiti artist, Sneak soon became involved in selling music, starting his own label Defiant and working in the city’s infamous Gramophone record store, where he met artists and industry players, all the while developing his unmistakable jacking style. Releases on house music institutions such as Strictly Rhythm, Classic and Relief, as well as his burgeoning DJ reputation, led to Sneak’s international career blossoming in the 90s and early 00s, with tracks such as ‘You Can’t Hide From Your Bud’ and ‘Fix My Sink’ widely attributed classic status. Now heading up three of his own labels (Magnetic, Oomph and Sneak’s Classics), Sneak remains as relevant as ever, with artists from Ricardo Villalobos to Riva Starr queuing up to DJ and produce in collaboration with the house music legend.
"I am very proud, excited and confident this mix will entertain for many years to come... As long as I’m alive, house music is not dead!" DJ Sneak

Sneak’s mix is ripe with carefully selected contemporary house nuggets with echoes of Chicago and the jacking house sound he loves, drizzled with elements of techno and dusted with overtones of big band swing, mixed to perfection. Sneak performed and recorded the mix live without the use of any computers, taking a transatlantic trip to bring together bumping Chicago grooves with muscular European techno.

01 Strip Steve & Das Glow - Calcium [BNR Trax]
02 Markus Homm & Philipp Gonzales - Got To Make It [Highgrade]
03 Basti Grub feat. Agent! - Walking In My Blues [Desolat]
04 Yeshua Murillo - I’m Gonna Make You Mine (Joss Moog Mix) [Maracuja]
05 Arturo Garces - Light It Up [Jump]
06 Tripmastaz - No Turning Back [Magnetic]
07 Mike Jules - Crack Ass [Magnetic]
08 Hector Couto - Creampie (Darius Syrossian Remix) [Pura]
09 Mendo - Old School [Cadenza]
10 Alex Tepper - In, Out, Life [Saved]
11 DJ Sneak - My Love (Ramon Tapia Remix) [Snatch]
12 Sir James - Special (Ramon Tapia Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
13 Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind - Cooper [Jax]
14 Luca M - Funk My Sax [Inmotion]
15 Muto - Wait A Minute [Smiley Fingers]
16 DJ W!ld feat. Hector Moralez - Take A Trip [W]
17 Willie Graff & Tuccillo - To The Music (Tato Remix) [Isgud]
18 Cause & Affect - Beware Of The Swingers [Beatdown]