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Guy Gerber - fabric 64

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Guy Gerber takes an exceptional approach to the latest edition of the fabric series, producing sixteen new tracks, including collaborations with some other talented producers, to carefully craft his own story.

Guy Gerber is notorious in electronic music for being a maverick. Both within genres and musical collectives, the Israeli likes to keep his toes in many musical worlds. From his mysterious 11:11 project to his adventurous and high kudos Supplement Facts label, Gerber’s greatest fear would be to be pigeonholed. Equipped with a sound that is dreamy and layered with emotion, his productions take in his early rock influences such as Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine and his live set was voted one of Resident Advisor's top 10 acts of the year. Since albums on Cocoon and Bedrock his own productions have become rarer as his tour schedule fills up. So this collection of new material is much anticipated and freshly made over the past two months exclusively for fabric.
"I always wanted to make an album that will be one long composition, kind of like what Steve Reich was doing, and this was an opportunity for me to make the effort and actually try to create it. The most important thing to me was to try and create something unique, and to show that sometimes with a change of only one note in the harmony, the whole mood changes. Hopefully I achieved it." Guy Gerber

The project features collaborations with artists that share Gerber’s poignant spirit such as Deniz Kurtel and Clarian North from the band Footprintz. These labels and artists are weaved into Gerber’s own current story as his closest peers and co-conspirators. The mix itself is in many ways what you expect from Gerber - driving and emotive - yet in others it builds a new dimension to his style. His use of ethereal vocals in tracks like ‘The Rhythm’ and ‘The Golden Sun and The Silver Moon’ create more resonance and the subtle builds climb higher that he has gone before, soul searching in rolling melodies and echoing drums.

01 Guy Gerber - Store-House Consciousness [Supplement Facts]
02 Guy Gerber - The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon [Supplement Facts]
03 Guy Gerber - Shady Triangle [Supplement Facts]
04 Guy Gerber - The Naked Hairdresser [Supplement Facts]
05 Guy Gerber - Ribbons Turn To Chains [Supplement Facts]
06 Guy Gerber - The Rhythm [Supplement Facts]
07 Guy Gerber - A Blade Through My Piano [Supplement Facts]
08 Guy Gerber - One Day In May [Visionquest]
09 Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Howling Moon [Supplement Facts]
10 Guy Gerber feat. Clarian North - Running Through The Night [Supplement Facts]
11 Guy Gerber feat. Lady Falkor - Lady Falkor [Supplement Facts]
12 Guy Gerber - The Money Shot [Supplement Facts]
13 Guy Gerber - Moon Blur [Supplement Facts]
14 Guy Gerber - My Medicine [Supplement Facts]
15 Guy Gerber - Human Raft [Supplement Facts]
16 Guy Gerber with Deniz Kurtel - Just Wanna See You Happy [Supplement Facts]