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Petre Inspirescu - fabric 68

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For Petre Inspirescu music has always been an adventure. Growing up after the Romanian revolution in a world bereft not just of the internet, but information in general, the man born Radu Dumitru Bodiu had to search harder and longer than most to find the music that excited him. To see it live meant exciting trips to the capital, something later mirrored during his burgeoning DJ career when buying vinyl meant arduous 24-hour trips across borders to Budapest or Prague.

The result of such devotion is a true dedication to the art, one that was rewarded early on in the man’s production career with releases on Luciano’s then highly influential Cadenza imprint, as well as with vocal support from stylistic ally and tastemaker, Ricardo Villalobos. Loosely rooted in house but with minimalism coursing through its veins, Petre’s sounds have often come in conjunction with fellow Romanians Raresh and Rhadoo on the trio’s own A:rpia:r imprint: it’s fitting really, as their sound is so idiosyncratic that it deserves a platform all of its own. Similarly, that Petre has exclusively used his own unreleased productions for fabric 68 makes perfect sense.
"I recorded the mix at home and arranged only from my own productions, as I wanted to try to offer a more classical touch to the music I make for the dancefloor and to present it to people. Some of the songs were recorded more than one year ago, maybe two, and some recently. The songs include recordings with a trio (violin, cello, piano) in my studio, other instruments, voice (soprano) and modular sounds." Petre Inspirescu

Petre’s recent and newfound love and appreciation of classical music permeates the deep structures and rhythms of fabric 68. Everything about the music that makes up the mix is long and liquid, silky and sinewy, with myriad different bass, instrumental and percussive threads wobbling and scurrying their way along. Each track tells a story or depicts a cinematic scene, be it the deft sound designs and slowly emerging grooves of opener “Lumiere”, the way candle lit pianos on “Anima” melt into the dark underlapping rhythms of the mysterious “Chosen” or the more nervy and unsettling moments of “Flurimba” where sweet but somehow desolate strings hang in the air above tumultuous kicks and synthetic sparks to mesmerising effect.

It’s an intricate trip, where frazzled synthesized sounds warp and weave themselves around more organic elements: hi hats seem to shimmer across the face of tracks then recede behind a film noir style string or a drifting, half remembered gypsy melody. A genuinely unique statement that lays out a complex yet compulsive vision of house music, fabric 68 confirms that Petre Inspirescu is in a class of one.


01 Petre Inspirescu - Lumiere [Yojik ConCon]
02 Petre Inspirescu - Chestii Socoteli [Yojik ConCon]
03 Petre Inspirescu - In Miriste [Yojik ConCon]
04 Petre Inspirescu - La Cuba [Yojik ConCon]
05 Petre Inspirescu - Anima [Yojik ConCon]
06 Petre Inspirescu - Chosen [Yojik ConCon]
07 Petre Inspirescu - Seara-n Crang [Yojik ConCon]
08 Petre Inspirescu - FH Dub [Yojik ConCon]
09 Petre Inspirescu - Flurimba [Yojik ConCon]
10 Petre Inspirescu - Basso Ostinato [Yojik ConCon]
11 Petre Inspirescu - Vastu' Da Gama [Yojik ConCon]
12 Petre Inspirescu - Dansul Libelulei [Yojik ConCon]
13 Petre Inspirescu - Je T'Aime Lori [Yojik ConCon]
14 Petre Inspirescu - Murgul [Yojik ConCon]
15 Bodiu Radu Dumitru - Piano Preludes [Yojik ConCon]