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Raresh - fabric 78

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Bacau-born artist Raresh has had a huge impact on underground electronic music culture since stepping onto the scene at the turn of the millennium. Initially starting his career as a resident at Zebra Club on his home turf before meeting the Sunrise Crew, Rhadoo and Pedro at the venue and forming the [a:rpia:r] outfit – heavily endorsed by fellow fabric regular, Ricardo Villalobos. News of the burgeoning scene eventually spread beyond the Romanian border, leading to an international touring schedule for Raresh, including biannual appearances at fabric since 2008.
"I made the mix at home with 2 CD players and turntables and everything came very naturally. For me is not so easy to make a mix at home without any crowd, but I imagined myself in full packed Room 1... I was a bit nervous but this added a bit of spice in the mix!" Raresh

Across fabric 78 we’re treated to array of textural atmospheres, intricate percussion lines and penetrating low-end tones, all instilled with mind-bending complexities to capture the essence of the Raresh sound brilliantly. The track listing employs a broad spectrum of heavy hitting names and unsung heroes of the underground. Welcoming the likes of Chicago-based producers Amir Alexander and Hakim Murphy who offer up gritty, authentic deep house numbers, through to the more hypnotic and electronic-led styles of Vlad Caia, Cristi Cons and Sonja Moonear’s take on Papa Sang Bass. As expected from such a highly praised DJ the track selection is impeccably placed, resulting in a smooth, ever-evolving and dynamic mix throughout.

01 Renato Figoli - Super Lemon Vapor [Amam]
02 Dubtil - Isitor [Understand]
03 Papa Sang Bass - Barb Coating Sonnet (Sonja Moonear's Sony In The Sky Remix) [Adjunct Audio]
04 Emi Nescu - Sirius [Contur]
05 Amir Alexander - Bittersweet Memories [Finale Sessions]
06 Dilated Pupils - Lost Evidence [Sol Asylum]
07 Nu Zau - Bioco23 [unreleased]
08 Hakim Murphy - Vatitio (Murdoc Remix) [Mindshift]
09 Vlad Caia - Codex Voluspa [Amphia]
10 Mandar - Naughty Mandar [Lazare Hoche]
11 S.A.M. - Third Track [Fathers & Sons Productions]
12 Cristi Cons - Anatrack [Meander]
13 Oshana - I See Through You [Body Parts]
14 Topper - Abuelito [Gilesku]
15 Andy Kolwes - Emozionn [Anyway]
16 VincentIulian - Nemeta (Adsum Remix) [Naural]
17 Daze Maxim - Beginning An Ending (Baby Ford Remix) [Assemble Music]